Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Lesser of Pony Work Hazards

The Pony sent me a couple pictures on Wednesday, while on his route. One was a hole in the ground. Not very exciting, unless it's silently waiting to slurp up a foot and break a leg.
This hole looks like it had evil intent.

Also, another photo from the route:

"Dive bombed by a caterpillar. Just walking under a tree, and then PLOP."
That might be a caterpillar. It looks very close to an inchworm to me:
So dainty and neon and smooth. You know what they say about an inchworm that crawls on you. It's measuring you for new clothes. Like the ones The Pony got last week:

"My uniform stuff came in. Got some new pants that are gonna need hemmed."

The Pony didn't mis-order. ALL the pants come that way. You can't select a length.

The Pony might be a regular now, with a 40-hour-week. But something tells me that inchworm could be working overtime.


  1. Onscreen, that hole looks like someone peeled back a layer of roadtop and left it gaping. I don't know the difference between caterpillars and inchworms, don't they all inch along in the same manner? Perhaps an inchworm only ever grows to one inch in length?
    I'm a short person so all pants I have ever bought since I finished growing have needed to be trimmed and hemmed, until they brought in the "short" option in sizing. Most of those fit me just right, even having to buy a larger size to fit my fat body.

    1. The Pony is average height, and not used to having pants hemmed. Good thing short-legged Hick has a seamstress he uses to alter his Goodwill pants!

      My estranged BFF Google tells me that inchworms ARE caterpillars. And that the critter that dropped onto The Pony is not an inchworm, because it has legs all along its body. An inchworm is missing legs on the middle segments, so has to let the back end move forward before letting the front end stretch out again.

      Still, the color and shape of this green caterpillar look exactly like an inchworm, except for the excess legs.

      Maybe that hole started as a little crack in the pavement, and then repeated freezing and thawing made it bigger, until chunks fell into the hole below.

  2. My goodness they have some long-legged employees? I hope you don't have to do the tailoring.