Sunday, October 2, 2022

Hick Falls Backrumpuswards Into Another Bargain

Hick may not have any luck at the casino or buying scratchers, but he sure reaps unearned rewards with bargains that drop into his path. He sent me an email Friday afternoon, but it didn't come through until Saturday. 
"Did you get the picture I sent you?"
"No. What now?"
"I found a bicycle! It was leaning up against the lockers when I got there. So I took it. I'll take a free bicycle that nobody wants!"
I guess Hick just threw it into the back of SilverRedO. That picture is from where he parks beside our garage. I hope there's no homeless person wandering around on foot, looking for his mode of transportation. Although a homeless person shouldn't have access to the keypad to get through the gates of the storage units. Nobody complained of missing a bicycle on Saturday, when Hick spent the morning at his Storage Unit Store. I guess it just got left there by the Spare Bicycle Fairy.

Hick says he can get $25 or $30 for the bicycle. Not sure where it is now. You'd think if he was selling it at his Storage Unit Store, he would have left it up there, and not driven it home in SilverRedO. Maybe it's destined for the SUS2, when Hick gets his business underway there at the end of the month. Not sure there's a call for bicycles in November, but maybe it could be a Christmas gift.


  1. Lucky Hick, always seems to be in the right place at the right time. I have a few freebies here myself. A large spade got left in the back yard by the person who dug up the surface two years ago so the plumbers could get to the pipes, I took it inside for safe keeping, knowing I would hand it over if he came looking for it. I have a tent all rolled up and zipped into a canvas carrybag, left on the footpath and no one ever came looking for it, I have one of those long heavy police torches that are weighted to be able to be used as batons to subdue criminals that are fighting back, it got left on my front lawn one night after one such incident and I picked it up with my morning paper, six years ago now.

    1. Wow! You have enough merchandise to start your own store!

      I told The Pony about Hick's new bicycle, and he slapped a hand to his forehead: "That is SO WRONG! You can't just take stuff because you find it."

      Indeed, I told Hick tonight that maybe someone was in the Port-A-Potty, and had parked that bicycle for a minute. He said that no, the front tire was off the rim. AND... Hick sold it to one of his buddies this morning for $10.

      "I thought you said you could get $25-$30 for it."

      "Well, I was going to fix the tire, and sell it down at the other flea market, where they say people are asking for bicycles. But this was my buddy, and he gives me things all the time. So I only charged him $10, and he can fix it himself."

      That also seems wrong. Just GIVE IT TO HIM!

  2. You see, that is why Hick hits the jackpot. He's nice guy.

    1. Hick IS a nice guy to totally random people, and his buddies. I guess he has run out of niceness when it comes to fixing something I ask of him...