Monday, October 31, 2022

Hick Would Forget His Head if It Wasn't Screwed to the Wall

This was the last weekend for Hick to sell at his Storage Unit Store. Sunday afternoon, he moved some more stuff down to the SUS2 (Storage Unit Store 2) in Bill-Paying Town. He's got most of it there already, doing it every evening, a little at a time. Saturday night, he said,

"I'm taking the car tomorrow so I can move my deer head. I don't want it to get wet in the back of the truck and it's supposed to rain. I want to get it put up in my new place. I don't want to sell it, but if somebody offers me the right price, I WILL!"

I'm not sure where Hick got this deer head. It must have come in a trade of multiple items. Hick's old deer head was bought for him by me and Young Genius for Christmas one year, over at a local indoor flea market. Of course Hick had mentioned it every day for weeks, making sure we knew WHICH flea market had it. Young Genius walked right up and asked for it. I paid.

The gift deer head was down in Hick's creekside cabin. He used to go down there quite a bit in fall and winter, lighting a fire in his wood stove, taking a pot of chili (courtesy of Val) down to heat. He'd just sit there doing nothing, enjoying his collector's kingdom. Our old dog Grizzly, the half beagle/half chocolate lab, would come inside and lie on the floor. Hick could never get Juno to enter. 

Hick got busy with other things, like Shackytown Boulevard real estate, and didn't visit his creekside cabin for a while. He was devastated to discover that mice had eaten the hide off his deer head! So I know that's not the one he moved to the SUS2.

Nor did Hick shoot a deer to earn his own head. Way back when I first met him, he would "hunt" with his cronies out here, before we bought our 10 acres. They used to joke that Hick had a couch and TV and refrigerator in his tree stand, such a MacGyver was he! Mainly, Hick fell asleep in his tree stand. Then he built his first themed shed, which could most accurately be described as Tool Shed, and hunted from inside it, on the ground. His hunting days ended when he saw our now next-door neighbor drive by, stop, and (from his truck) shoot a deer walking across the field towards Hick's shed. He still helped butcher it, though, for a share of meat.

Anyhoo... I'm glad Hick didn't forget his head.


  1. Oddly, I'm liking the sound of Hick spending a day doing nothing by the fire in his themed shed. Perhaps you should encourage him to do that again when the winter is over. But AFTER the flip houses are done and before he starts a new project.

    1. Hick will need to inspect that cabin first, because I'm sure the mice have been back, and might have knocked over some of his "collectibles" on the shelves. Old tins and stuff like that. His favorite days for this activity were those with snow flurries in the forecast.

      I, too, like the thought of Hick and Grizzly lounging by the wood stove. Now he could probably persuade Jack to join him, but not Juno.

  2. One should never leave a place without his head.