Friday, January 21, 2022

Pony House Kitchen: What a Difference a Day Makes

Just like Hick to get the Pony House kitchen floor done the day after I wrote my pictorial! Had I known this was a one-day job, I would have waited. Hick had two versions of the laminate flooring. Light and dark. He sent me a picture with samples, asking my opinion.

At first I said the light laminate. But once I looked at the picture on HIPPIE's big screen, compared to my phone screen, I saw that it was not quite a match for the cabinets. And also, even if it matched, that would be TOO MUCH of the same color. Good thing Hick and The Pony have a more discerning eye. They both chose the dark laminate right away.

It turned out better than I expected.

The refrigerator will go beside the stove. The counter thingy will have shelves on the front side, and open in the back to put two stools under. Hick already got the stools. It's one of the first auction things he bought for Pony House.

We still owe The Pony his Christmas present of a microwave. Hick is planning to get one that goes over the stove, as Pony requested. It will have the venting for a hood underneath it, like the one we have in our own kitchen. So that white range hood will go away. I asked Hick why he put it up if he was planning on the microwave, and he said, "It's no big deal. Two screws will take it down."

Still painting to do in the kitchen. It's starting to look like a home.

Thursday, January 20, 2022

Hick, the Kitchen Magician of Pony House

Hick has been working on the Pony House kitchen this week. He got the cabinets in place.

Hick was not happy that the sink was not centered over the cabinets. He can't do anything about getting the sink under the window. But he fixed the cabinet centering by moving that spacer. Also, he still needed to fill in the top above the cabinets.

The backsplash is in place. It's dirty, because, as Hick said, "I didn't have a rag to wipe if off yet." The line over the sink will have a "joiner" to cover it up. Hick has one cabinet door being worked on by THIS GUY, his former shop teacher who sold us the $5000 house. He's also making a drawer that was missing. Hick has the front panel that goes on the drawer.

The kitchen wood floor was not salvageable under the linoleum, so Hick and his buddy ripped off the linoleum and hammered down a million staples. A dark laminate flooring will be put in the kitchen.

The stove is ready, and IT WORKS! Under that corner is a Lazy Susan cabinet, that just spins open when you push on it.

It's not the Taj Mahal. Just a safe, livable house that will be a bargain starter home for 
The Pony.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

If a Future Resident of Pony House Takes a Lot of Medicine, We've Got Him Covered

Work on Pony House continues. It's really hard to get good help these days. Even mediocre help. Some things Hick can't do by himself. He CAN bring home a bathroom vanity and medicine cabinet. In fact, he went to buy a vanity from a guy, and saw the medicine cabinet, so made a deal on that, too. I can't remember his prices. It was couple weeks ago.

There's the vanity for Bathroom 2. It's a cute little thing, despite being perched among the clutter.

There's the medicine cabinet. Good thing Hick was wearing pants when he took the picture!

Medicine cabinet installed in Bathroom 2. Lots of white. I'm glad we're leaving the two walls catty-corner from these two as the wood that was originally on the walls.

Hick's most recent project has been the kitchen. An update on that is coming up.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

The Pony's WorkLife of Wonders

It's not exactly a Halloween episode of the Simpson's Treehouse of Terror... but it's what you get from The Pony in mid-January.

Remember how last week, The Pony had plans on Thursday evening after work, but discovered on the way that he had a flat tire? Good thing he had a little gadget that plugs in to his car, to pump in some air.

"Oh, Mom. You know how I put some air in my tire the other night before starting home? That pump thing you got me has a LIGHT on it! Unfortunately, it cast an inappropriate shadow..."

What's that I hear? The sound of some 13-year-old-selves snickering?

That theme continued when The Pony found this package to deliver a couple days later:

I didn't ask if he squeezed it to determine what was inside. That's because I don't want to know.

Also, you may recall when The Pony slipped on the steps of the loading dock, and bruised his tailbone. Here's a picture of the steps.

"Oh, that's the bent rail you couldn't get grip on when you started falling? What's that stuff on it?"

"Shipping tape. That's what's holding it together."

The Pony leads a charmed life.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Hooterville or Twilight Zone?

No, I am not taking a survey to see if you would rather live in Hooterville or The Twilight Zone. I am trying to figure out if I have been transported to one or the other.

Val does not lead an exciting life, despite her braggings here at the House of Unbagged Cats. A trip to town each day, for scratchers and a 44 oz Diet Coke. Shopping at the two local grocery stores each week. A gas top-off for T-Hoe. A post office visit for Genius's weekly letter and old-fashioned bill-paying. That's it. Nothing interesting until a casino trip every couple of months.

You'd think a grocery store would be a pretty uneventful place. Push a cart/walker around the building. Put items from shelf to cart. Pay and leave.

One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong.


Am I shopping in Sam Drucker's General Store? Will Ike Godsey come out from behind the shelf, and offer me some of the Baldwin Sisters' "recipe?" Maybe Mr. Haney will roll up with his jalopy truck to sell me a bargain I can't find in any store. Or Granny might have some tempting vittles she's been boiling in a kettle out by the ceeeement pond.


I'm pretty sure there's a law against something like this. If not... there oughta be! SURE that's the contents of that jar. It's a little different color than the contents of the other jars. The lid LOOKS like the seal hasn't been broken. But in looking at the lid, I think the expiration date has passed! A tight zoom appears to show that date as 11/13/20. There's a glare, so I can't be sure. AS IF that would be the only reason not to buy it!!!

Is this The Twilight Zone? Maybe there's some superhuman guy named Alfredo, who produces (if you're pickin' up what I'm layin' down) a very potent special SAUCE that's in high demand, and whether a woman can get it or not is just luck of the draw. Perhaps there's a unique responsibility that comes with the sauce of Alfredo, heh, heh.

I didn't have the guts to take that jar up front and try to buy it. I wonder if there's a barcode drawn on the back label. Or IS there a back label? I wonder what the nutritional information would show.

Is this a legitimate attempt of Country Mart to sell "OFF" label merchandise? Was somebody instructed to cut that label with square corners? Did they take handwriting samples to see who should put the name on it? Can a customer barter for a price reduction?

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't buy this jar of Alfredo Sauce if it was the last one on earth. Which it could be, if this was The Twilight Zone.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

SOMEBODY Needs to be Held Prisoner in a Fortune Cookie Factory

The Pony brought home Chinese food for us Friday night. Hick had the Hunan Chicken with fried rice and eggroll, I had the Garlic Chicken with fried rice and crab rangoon, and The Pony had Sweet & Sour Chicken with white rice. Plus we had extra crab rangoon. Mmm.... having my 3rd day of it now, to finish off the leftovers.

I forgot to take a fortune cookie Friday night, but on Saturday evening, I took one down to my dark basement lair on my supper tray. When I remembered it, I saw something unusual. The fortune was sticking out the end of the cookie, and it was GREEN! A dark teal color. How odd! I guess this restaurant switched fortune cookie suppliers. When I removed my fortune, I found THIS:

I had a COMMERCIAL in my fortune cookie! That's not right! Is nothing sacred any more? Must everything be for profit? I am happily retired, and I don't need ZipRecruiter needling me to feel guilty about not having a job.

Anyhoo... I flipped it over to read my fortune, and was again not pleased with what I found:

What in the NOT-HEAVEN kind of fortune is THAT? It's no fortune at all! It's a chastisement concerning procrastination! I'm an Aquarius. I know all about procrastination. I'm a master procrastinator. A mere slip of paper is not going to goad me into completing a chore in a timely manner.

I need to ask Hick and The Pony what kind of fortunes they got. Maybe The Pony had one telling him to stay on his feet. And Hick was reminded to stop feeling entitled to eating other people's food just because it's under his roof.

The fortune cookie itself looked perfectly normal. I guess you'd have to spot the logo on the little packages, or see that teal color peeping out at you in order to be forewarned of a crappy, nagging "fortune." 

Do you know the easiest way to open a fortune cookie? You just squeeze the two ends together, and it snaps apart, giving you two halves. I tell you this, not to feel all high-horse-y teacher-y superior, but in case, like that whole ENGLAND IS AN ISLAND issue, you might not have learned this yet. We were so lucky that The Pony showed us that when he was about 10 years old.

You're welcome.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

A PENNY Quintet For Val

A sweet week for Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!

SUNDAY, January 9, I stopped by the Backroads Casey's for scratchers. I haven't been in there much lately, because their parking is tight, they've been busy, and the upper part of their lot was blocked off for some kind of concrete or gas tank work. Looks like I picked the right day to show up.

A little friend was waiting for me under the store-brand chips at the counter.

It was a heads-up 2019 shiny penny. I wasted no time in nabbing that fellow.
Back out in the suspiciously empty parking lot, I noticed a treat I had missed on the way in!
There it is, by the leaf! In the background, on the left, down by the stoplight, you can see the parking lot of the Liquor Store where that red car is. Just so you know the landmarks.

This was a heads-up 2013 corroded penny, believe it or not. It took a little scrubbing to find the date. 

WEDNESDAY, January 12, I was back at that very Liquor Store for more scratchers, and let a man go ahead of me in line. That's because I saw a treat on the rug, and didn't want to ample-rumpus that poor fellow while picking it up. I was betting that he wouldn't want it, and he did not.

I got the picture as an addled gal wandered out of frame. She said she was feeling no pain, and the cashier replied, "Good thing you told your work not to call you in!"

This was a face-down 1981 penny. 
THURSDAY, January 13, I was over in Sis-Town on my errand day. In the Casey's, I found a penny waiting between the two registers.
Woe were the customers who kept their heads up and missed this jewel!

It was a heads-up 1990 well-worn version of Abe Lincoln.

Back outside to pump the gas I pre-paid for, I discovered a penny I had missed on my way in! 
I must have trod right over it, unless the guy pumping on the other side had a hole in his pocket, and donated that penny unknowingly while I was inside.

This was a face-down 1980 cent, placed almost as if I was MEANT to find it!

That's 5 COINS this week, for 5 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune.

Penny        # 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
Dime             0
Nickel           0
Quarter        0

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter          6