Saturday, October 8, 2022

It's Hard Out Here For a PEN-P

Cutting it close this week. It's hard out here for a penny-picker!

THURSDAY, October 6, I stepped into the Backroads Casey's to find a penny waiting by the not-open register.
You can be sure I was ample-rumpusing like a fiend! Poor people in the next line. Not only were they subjected to that view, but they also missed out on capturing this penny!

It was a face-down 2021 penny, close enough to the edge of the rack so my shoe could drag it out for my collecting pleasure.

FRIDAY, October 7, I rounded the counter of the Gas Station Chicken Store for my scratchers. Waiting for me was a penny!

Of course I photographed it and picked it up! Nobody else was in there, so I wasn't holding up the line.

It was another face-down 2021 penny. That must have been the popular flavor this week.

That's 2 COINS this week, for 2 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune!


Penny          # 97, 98.
Dime            still at 18.
Nickel          still at 6.
Quarter       still at 6.

Penny        124
Dime           14
Nickel           7
Quarter         6


  1. I'm reading a book, "The Viking Heart," sub-titled "How Scandinavians Conquered the World" by Arthur Herman, and somewhere in the final chapters I learned how Abraham Lincoln came to be on the penny.
    "Follow the travels of the penny and you find it stops at many cottages and few mansions. The common, homely face of "Honest Abe" will look good on the penny, the coin of the common folk from whom he came and to whom he belongs."

    1. I did not know that, but it seems fitting!

  2. Penny picker and penny pincher. One and the same?

    1. No, I squander too much money on scratchers and the casino to be a penny-pincher!