Thursday, October 27, 2022

From the LaBORatory of Pony Thevictorian

It's no secret that The Pony has had training in the scientific method. His interest lies in the chemistry field, not biology. Still, he knows his way around a lab. He sent me a picture Saturday evening:

"That looks like mold." [In retrospect, I should have lauded my biology background, and said "That looks like a colony of bacteria growing on agar."]

"Why do so many people say that? You're the third one to say it's moldy or like algae!"

"Um. The visual? And because we have eyes?"

"How? It's just green and bubbly! Does this angle help?"

"Yes. It reminds me of water you might find while spelunking."

"Man, I like caves, but don't think I'd ever want to scuba dive, even outside of one. I thought you would appreciate the green. It's wine:30, and for an experiment, I've added a bit of blue vodka. That made it green."

"Blue vodka to wine? What is that, like 200 proof?"

"Let's see. 3/4 wine at 11 proof. 1/4 vodka at 60 proof. You do the math."

"No. I'm not doing math!"

"I think that should come to about 18 proof. Maybe."

So it goes. The not-mad scientist having a glass of bubbly on the night before his day off.


  1. It didn't look like mould to me. I thought he'd invented a bubble bath mixture or an edible sparkling wine jelly.

    1. The Pony is not so diminutive that he can bathe in a wine glass! Wine jelly is an intriguing proposition.