Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Hick's Ever-Expanding Product Line

Hick is still investing in his inventory, even though he will be closing up shop at his Storage Unit Store on or before October 30. Never fear! He will have fresh merchandise when he opens the SUS2 (Storage Unit Store 2) down in Bill-Paying Town at a different flea market. Of course he would have liked to keep the old location, but that's impossible with the owner shutting down the entire flea market. Hick says 40 renters have left. Raising the price of a unit from $95 a month to $135 is not helping matters!

Anyhoo... a guy Hick knows came by his Storage Unit Store last week, and said he had some stuff to sell. Hick went to check it out, and spent $500 on the items below, plus others unseen:

Looks like it's mostly collectible stuff. Hick says he can get $1000 out of it, not including the items he wants to keep for himself. No pictures of that. According to Hick, it involves 2 Budweiser light sconces, which he called SCONCHES, but I speak Hick, so I knew what he meant. Also a Lone Star Beer clock, a wooden fire truck, and a candlestick telephone.

I had to ask Hick what in the Not-Heaven a candlestick telephone is. He said, "You know. One of them tall black phones that you take the receiver off of to talk into." Which to a layman might not make much sense. But speaking Hick, I think he means an old black telephone that is tall and thin, with a cone-shaped thingy you take loose and put to your ear to hear. I think you talk into the column part, not that little cone part. It's probably something they use on the Andy Griffith Show.

Anyhoo... Hick has not slowed down his quest for merchandise. He's waiting for the electric company to come hook up the SUS2 to the power line. Says it's all ready to move stuff into. Neighbors, beware!


  1. That's a good load of collectibles. I see they are on the same type of shelving I have in my own shed/garage. No car, just stuff that doesn't fit in a tiny one bedroom flat. A lot of it is Christmas decorations and seasonal swap-overs.
    Anyway, I think you are right about the candlestick telephone, I remember seeing those in old movies.

    1. These shelves are over in Hick's Freight Container Garage. You can see part of the "t" in the upper right corner, where Hick cut through the side to open up the freight container. Here's a link to the building process back then:

      Hick said EVERYBODY calls those old phones "candlestick" phones. I've never heard that until it came out of Hick's mouth.

  2. Hick hit a fortune with this one. I hope he makes a bundle...enough to take you to a tropical isle or okay, a casino.

    1. Yeah, Hick can take YOU to an island. But he will talk Bill's ear off while you are dipping your tootsies in the water.