Saturday, September 18, 2021

Val Doubles Her PENNY Harvest This Week

If only it had been one of those 16-penny weeks that I doubled! Still, going from one penny per week for the last three weeks, to TWO pennies this week... is nothing to sneeze at!
THURSDAY, September 16, I was in line at the Sis-Town Casey's, waiting to pre-pay for T-Hoe's gas, and cash in some scratchers. I couldn't tell if a man and his three young daughters were actually in line, or still discussing other treats. When he looked back at me, I motioned for him to go ahead.

"Oh. We weren't in line yet."

"That's okay. I'm not in a hurry."

So they went next. For my good deed, a special treat was revealed to me where they'd been standing:

The meek shall inherit the earth, and the polite shall inherit the pennies! 
It was an old-timey heads-up 1970 penny. Of course, while I was taking the picture and picking it up, two more people got in line ahead of me. But they didn't get a penny!

From there I went to the Gas Station Chicken Store for my magical elixir. It was a few minutes after 5:00, so I rushed inside, leaving my phone on the console, before the after-work crowd got there in their pickup trucks to buy gas using their plastic money. The card reader takes forever at the Gas Station Chicken Store. It's a little box on a cable, and sometimes needs two or three tries.

I was fourth in line. Not too bad. When I stepped up for my turn, I saw a PENNY hiding under the corner of the rug! Of course. THAT'S how to find more pennies! Leave my phone in T-Hoe. Anyhoo... I picked up that penny, and posed it for a picture back in T-Hoe.

It was a face-down (in the store) 2016 penny, all glowy here in the setting sun.

That's 2 COINS this week, for 2 CENTS added to Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune.


Penny       # 92, 93.
Dime         still at 11.
Nickel       still at 4.
Quarter    still at 5.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1
And now, for something completely different... Okay. I'm no Monty Python. For something strikingly similar... THE PONY FOUND A PENNY!
I am not including it in my total, although he generously gave it to me. Even took a picture for me! He found it on WEDNESDAY, September 15, at 3:29 p.m. when he returned to clock out. Two months to the day from when he broke his ankle. And he found it on the post office parking lot, on his second day back to work.
I daresay The Pony has inherited my keen eye for common cents. That little Lincoln was pretty camouflaged, if not for landing on the tar filling a crack.

It was a heads-up 1952 WHEAT PENNY! Very special. Thanks, Pony! Someone was obviously thinking of you as you returned to the workforce on your healed ankle.


  1. Wow, three pennies, even though you didn't find one of them. I agree The Pony has your sharp penny seeking eyes.

    1. I am impressed by The Pony's penny skills! He was so thrilled to present it to me. Maybe I should keep it in that $3 pink change purse he gave me 1/3 of that long-ago Mother's Day.