Friday, September 17, 2021

Hot New Merchandise for Hick's Storage Unit Store

Looks like Hick is laying in some collectibles for the pre-Christmas shoppers at his Storage Unit Store. Here are his latest auction finds.

These look like football figures, thus the "Quarterback" label on the boxes. Hick paid $10 for them. There are 20, and he says he will ask $1.50 each for them. Sports memorabilia fans will probably snap them up, although I'm not sure how many such fans shop at Hick's Storage Unit Store.

This next set might prove more collectible. Star Wars is big business!

I don't know what's in these boxes. Nor the smaller boxes in the photo below. Maybe they're the unpopular characters. Maybe they're the new batch, not the classics.

Hick paid $40 for this set of 40 pieces. He plans to sell them for $3.00 each. So if he sells 14, he will have made his money back, plus a $2 profit! That's better than 50 cents...

That's the thing about Hick's Storage Unit Store. He has something for everybody, and tries to put out something new every week. Just to keep people coming back.


  1. Nothing there to tempt me this week.

    1. Me neither. But I might have to patronize Hick's Storage Unit Store for Christmas gifts. Genius's Friend collects Star Wars items. I doubt Hick will give me a discount.