Thursday, September 23, 2021

Tying Up Some Loose Ends in the Unraveling Rich Tapestry of Val's Life

The Missing Croissants

I went back to Country Mart on Wednesday. You know, just for research purposes. Some of the bakery racks were back! Of course I veered straight to the croissant rack. NO CROISSANTS! Such a high, seeing that rack was back, then the express elevator to Not-Heaven when I saw no croissants. There were pretzel rolls, both long and round. And fresh-baked hot dog and hamburger buns. Some fluffy dinner rolls. But no Hawaiian rolls, either. I selected a pack of dinner rolls, although they're nothing like croissants.

The tables of cakes and pies and cupcakes were NOT there. In place of them were grocery carts. At first I thought one of them contained a clear plastic box of my precious croissants. But no. They were apple turnovers. Also nothing like croissants. There was a smattering of cupcakes. Some cookies. I bought a pack of six Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are also nothing like croissants. The Pony and I have stashed them out of sight in the pantry. They're not good for Hick. And he never looks in the pantry.

I guess the tables for baked goods might eventually return. Maybe they just had these about-to-expire treats that wouldn't fill the tables, so put out the grocery carts. It looked very amateurish. 

Pony House Pecan Tree

Hick met with a tree-trimmer on Wednesday evening. He's from a town on the Mississippi River, 36 miles from Pony House. He said he could do the job of trimming that pecan tree for $2500. He said he didn't want to talk bad about any other services, but you need to do your research to know what you're getting. He also said he'd need to have the electric company turn off power to Pony House and the neighbor's house while he was doing the job. He wasn't sure if he could get to the very top, but he could get the limb hanging over the neighbor's carport. Oh, and he's about 2 months behind in his jobs.

Hick got the limb cut up into wood he can use in the stove that heats his Freight Container Garage. He also called the electric company to hook the wire back up to the house. Hick could have done it himself, but he couldn't get something loose to attach it.

The Return of The Pony

As of Tuesday evening, The Pony had 33 hours accumulated for the work-week that runs Saturday to Friday. So after another 7 hours of work, he'd be in time-and-a-half pay until Friday night. He went in at 9:00 on Wednesday as scheduled, and found out the acting manager did not have a route for him. She'd forgotten he was back to work. So he could have worked his guaranteed-by-union two hours of show-up time, or have the day off. The Pony said his feet chose the day off. 
Thursday, he goes in at 7:30, and has a new route that was created while he was off with his broken ankle. It's in the general area of Pony House, and most carriers say it takes 3-4 hours, then you fill in and help other carriers until the day is over. 
The Pony says they're getting some kind of mail from the city now, instead of from the Casino Town regional facility. That it's supposed to be already organized by routes, but IT ISN'T. So it may take a little longer to get things ready before heading out on the routes.


  1. 'Course you could whip up a batch of croissants yourself every morning in your fine home bakery.

    1. Sure I could. If I knew how to bake, and woke up before noon. But that would take time away from my Candy Crush daily marathon, and also from my 44 oz Diet Coke sipping, and lottery ticket scratching.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the continued lack of croissants, do none of your other favoured stops carry them?
    The not-sorted mail would have me sending black looks in the direction from whence it came, not that that would do any good.
    Hopefully the tree trimmer gets to the tree before any wild-wind storms send branches crashing all willy-nilly.

    1. No other source of croissants. I've not set foot in Walmart for over a year, so I don't know if croissants are there. Save A Lot definitely doesn't have them.

      The Pony got a hard route, not the one he was scheduled for. I think it took him 4 hours to case his mail before starting the route. He's worked the equivalent of 50 hours this week, with one day still left.

      Hick can only hurry up and wait on the tree-trimmer!