Thursday, September 16, 2021

Hick's Recent Acquisition Floored Me. And, Imminently, Pony House.

He's at it again, that falling-back-rumpusward-into-free-stuff Hick!

One of Hick's buddies at the Storage Unit Store has an adult daughter who is remodeling her house. For whatever reason, she and her husband were putting down new flooring. They were throwing away their old flooring. But wait! The Hick Buddy found out, and said, "No. Don't throw away that flooring. Somebody might be able to use it." I think this was even before we bought Pony House.

Anyhoo... Hick had plans to use laminate flooring, like he did in the Railroad Car shed, over on Shackytown Boulevard. He used materials given to him by Back-Creek Neighbor Bev when SHE got new flooring. Here's a picture of how it turned out in the Railroad Car shed:

I think Hick had some of Bev's flooring left, but I don't know how much. He was probably planning to use it in the still-unfinished Schoolhouse Shack. Anyhoo... he had planned on buying flooring for Pony House. Until Hick's Buddy offered him his daughter's old flooring, COMPLETELY FREE!

Here's a picture of one plank of this laminate flooring, perched on my laptop, HIPPIE:

It's perfectly usable! I do see one little scratch near the top of this piece, but that's not a problem for Pony House! It's going to be a safe, livable house. Not a palace. I'm sure Hick can find something to color in the scratch.

Anyhoo... Hick says he got about 600 square feet of this flooring. Which he thinks will be enough to cover the floor of Pony House Master Bedroom, Master Bathroom, and Bedroom 2 and Bathroom 2. Hick looked up the price of such flooring at Lowe's, and said it's $1.50 per square foot. So that's $900 (plus TAX of 8.35 percent, which is $75.15) that he saved by having his buddy give him FREE flooring! Sorry to be so dramatic, but that helps our renovation budget.

Hick is pretty valuable when it comes to scoring FREE stuff.


  1. Be careful with that laminate in the bathroom it will bubble and not hold water of any kind. Use linoleum in the bath.

    1. I will pass on that info to Hick the Floorer. We have ceramic tile in our master bathroom, linoleum in the boys' bathroom, and press-down vinyl tile in the NASCAR bathroom next to my dark basement lair. So Hick might as well start looking for free something-else for bathroom floors!

  2. 600 square feet would cover my entire home with 200 square feet left over!
    It's nice flooring and one coat of polish once it's put down will cover any scratches.

    1. It's an adequate floor for an unbeatable bargain! The Pony might be wishing he had fewer square feet to keep tidy...