Sunday, September 12, 2021

Hick, the Not-So-Accommodating Taskmaster

Hick has been working on Pony House Monday thru Thursday, then spending Friday thru Sunday at his Storage Unit Store. He works on some projects alone, but uses HOS (Hick's Oldest Son) to help with jobs requiring help. 
Hick pays HOS by the job, same as he would any other hired help, even though HOS has said that Hick doesn't have to pay him. Hick considers how long the job should take, then decides how much he will pay per hour. He won't actually pay helpers by the hour, because he's incensed when they take breaks or look at their phone several times an hour. Hick might be a giver in other ways, but he is NOT in the habit of being charitable where payment for work is involved.

THURSDAY, Hick and HOS tore the siding off the back wall of Pony House (the back of the master bathroom area), and put up boards to replace it. More on that another day, with pictures.

"I give HOS the money, and he said, 'This is too much.' I told him, 'Okay, over the weekend, just do the rest of the siding [back wall of Bathroom 2] and mow the yard. That's fair.'"

On FRIDAY, Hick went by Pony House in the evening, and was waiting for a tree service man to show up. He sent me a text at 5:29 p.m.


"You said for him to do it over the weekend! It's barely been 24 hours!"

"Well, on Thursday, HOS went home around noon to go get his grinder. The nails in the siding were all rusty, and we could do it faster by grinding off the nail heads. THEN he said he was grabbing some lunch. He was gone 45 MINUTES!"

"Um. I don't think that's unreasonable. People are entitled to a lunch break. And he was getting the grinder, too."

"I didn't have no lunch."

"That's your decision. Normal people have lunch. So it's only been a day, and you think HOS should have mowed the yard and torn the siding off the other side of the house. That's not reasonable."

"Well. I HOPE he does it."

"You said before that you weren't paying until after the job was done. So that's on you."

Sometimes Hick has unreasonable expectations.


  1. As far as I know the weekend is still Saturday and Sunday, so Hick expecting HOS to have things done on the Friday is unreasonable. so it is now Monday here, which makes it Sunday there, so hopefully HOS will have been busy by now.

    1. I'll have to consult Hick to see if the job got done. If he'd held onto the payment until it was finished, like he planned, he wouldn't be fuming.

      Oh, who are we kidding? Hick would still be fuming. It's like when he says we are leaving at 9:00 a.m., and at 8:00 he's sitting in the garage in A-Cad, with steam coming out his ears.

    2. UPDATE:
      Hick says HOS didn't mow the yard, but sent a text that he'd been busy, and was doing it TONIGHT, and not to touch it, because he had it covered. We'll see...

  2. Paid upfront? Where is the incentive? The son is out there spending the dough. Hopefully HOS has fulfilled his commitment.

    1. I haven't heard the update yet, but I agree. HOS himself told Hick it was too much, and he hadn't even asked to be paid for his efforts. So Hick should not be complaining. It's not even HICK'S money! It's our renovation money.

  3. Well, I am always up front about my expectations when I hire someone to complete a task. I then inspect the work and if it is lacking I tell them and then settle up. HeWho will PAY them, then complain when he sees the results. I think they just enjoy bitching about stuff. HeWho says I am too picky. I am not picky, I am just specific about my expectations and you shouldn't expect to be paid the agreed upon price if you fail to meet them. I don't expect anyone to work harder than I do!

    1. This is like when Hick rented our duplex to a guy with a young family and no job. Of course they didn't pay rent, and we even gave them hand-me-down baby clothes! I wanted to rent to the college student, because I knew her parents would pay the rent.