Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mining the Virtual Gold

In case you've been missing my big lottery wins... SO HAVE I! 

It's been quite a dry spell. I win enough to keep playing, but nothing notable. $15 here and there, some $10, lots of $3 and $6. But nothing over $25 for a couple months. Of course, I'm pretty much low-rolling on my scratchers choices, so the wins are smaller. My favorites lately are the $3 tickets. Like THIS ONE:

That's a HUNDRED DOLLAR WINNER on a $3 ticket. Yeah. I'll keep buying them. Not off this roll for a while! It came from the Gas Station Chicken Store. They were training a new guy, who sold it to me. I hope he's going to work the hours I usually stop there!

On the same day, I bought The Pony a $2 ticket. I never win on them. But he sure does. Usually $2 or $4, sometimes $10. But this day, he won TWENTY DOLLARS on a $2 ticket. It's upstairs, or I'd show you that one, too. They're a smaller ticket.

Also in Pony Life... he worked 12 hours and 47 minutes on Saturday. Saturday starts the new pay period. The Pony gets double-time pay after 10 hours in one day, but the first 10 hours count as regular pay until he goes over 40 hours in a work week. Any hours over 40 (which are not the double-time pay) make The Pony time-and-a-half his hourly rate.

I'm sure The Pony is exhausted. He's also working on Sunday. Supposedly it's "easier" because it's all package deliveries. It won't be easier for The Pony, because he has to climb in and out of the truck to get the packages, which he says hurts his (formerly-broken) ankle more that plain walking.

I told The Pony that all this overtime is a gold mine. He's is earning his "furniture money" for when Pony House is habitable. He seemed a bit surprised. As if we were going to furnish the house, too. Nope. Hick and Val's rent-to-own houses are unfurnished!


  1. I'd have never figured out you had a winner. Probably would have tossed for some ner-do-well to find while picking up a penny.

    1. I gladly welcome pennies from the careless, and tossed scratchers from the clueless!

  2. Perhaps The Pony expects to take his furniture from your house, his bed at least. I'd be excited at the prospect of furniture shopping. I once spent an entire day looking at coffee tables and came home without one since I hadn't seen what I wanted. Next day ex's mother turned up with a housewarming gift, a coffee table. We kept it for six years even though I hated it.

    1. I think he'll want a bigger bed than his twin size. To rest his aching bones after a 12-hour 12-mile day delivering the mail, and a soak in his own jetted bathtub. Which is arriving on MONDAY!

      The Pony assumed we would be furnishing the house, I guess. Hick has coffee tables and end tables over in the Freight Container Garage, from the 18 original storage units that he bought. I'm sure he'd give The Pony a good price, heh, heh! There's a bed frame and chest and dresser from my mom's stuff, that Genius used in his first (rental) house. Plus my old kitchen table and chairs. So The Pony won't have to buy much besides a couch, and Bedroom 2 stuff. Depending on the budget, we MIGHT buy the refrigerator and washer/dryer. It would be included in the house price that The Pony will be paying off with his rent.

      Everything happens for a reason. You didn't buy a coffee table you didn't want, because you were about to be GIVEN a coffee table you didn't want!