Thursday, December 1, 2022

And So It Begins: The Double Hovel Makeover

Hick started work on the Double Hovel on Tuesday. He and Old Buddy tore out part of the existing bathroom of the bigger of the two buildings, and moved the fixtures where they will be installed.
Here's the outside of the main house. 
And the bathroom as it was, with an entry off the kitchen:
The location of the toilet next to the tub:
And the wall across from them where the washer/dryer were hooked up:
Hick moved the toilet to a space under the window, and cut a door to the bedroom in the area where the toilet used to be. 
He moved the bathtub to the opposite wall. Hick says it looks usable, with a good cleaning. He also said he could paint it. Or get it refinished. We'll see how it cleans up.
One area that needs revision is the mess of wires where the washer and dryer used to be. Now Hick has covered that area with the tub. Not sure if the new washer/dryer area will be at the end of the tub, or where the tub used to be. Hick also bought a pedestal sink, like the one in The Pony's half bath, from a buddy for half the store price. It will go in this bathroom. 
The project might take longer than originally anticipated, since Hick has an appointment with a neurosurgeon on Thursday, concerning some disc degeneration in his lower back. At least the Double Hovel is bought and paid for. No interest charges to worry about. 
As Hick would say, "It ain't eatin' nothin'." Except $6.27 for the electric bill last month.


  1. Oh goody another project. I just love a Hick project!

  2. I love a Hick project too, but I did shudder from top to toe looking at the state of that toilet. I had to go and look at my own, just to feel better. In the first picture what is that narrow space between the shower/tub and the wall with the light switches? broom closet without a door? I hope all the smudges are just dirt and not mould.

    1. That toilet could have been SO MUCH WORSE! At least it wasn't filled up with material expelled from someone's rumpus! I see that on TV, on those flip shows, and it's gaggingly offensive! Hick hasn't said if he's keeping that toilet. He said before heading over there that he needed to figure out where he's going to use a bathroom while working. I suggested the School-Turn Casey's, which is within 1/2 mile of there.

      I have no idea what that space is. It looks like the person who made that bathroom didn't think things through very well. I don't know about the area around where the toilet was, but that drywall has already been cut out when the tub was moved, and to make the door to the bedroom. So whether mold or dirt, it's gone. I'm assuming the other walls are just dirt smudges. Paint or even new drywall is not a big deal for Hick to remedy the problem.