Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Val Has a New Magnet

This recent cold snap must have thrown off my body chemistry. I no longer attract mere WEIRDOS. I now attract CREEPERS!

Hick and I took The Pony to the casino on Tuesday morning, to meet up with Genius and Friend before they had to drive back to Pittsburgh. Hick veered off to the bathroom, and said he'd come over to our area to join us. 

The Pony and I settled down at two slots on the wall, which I think were Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes. The Pony was playing Brazil, hitting bonus after bonus, racking up small amounts. I played Whales of Cash Deluxe, without nearly as much success. Genius and Friend were to our left, also along the wall, playing slots with a giant dragon or snake thingy.

Anyhoo... we got there a little before 9:00, and by 9:20 Hick still hadn't made his appearance. I was worried that something might have happened to him. He didn't answer my text as to his whereabouts. I voiced my concern to Pony and Genius, but neither seemed too worried. As in, they didn't volunteer to go look for Hick.

Because Hick was supposed to join us, I kept turning around to see if he was on his way. He wasn't. But every time I turned around, the SAME CREEPY OLD MAN was sitting at a slot row behind us, not even facing his slot, just WATCHING US!


Creeper made no pretense of playing his slot, and sneaking glances our way. He just sat sidways, WATCHING US! It's not like anyone hit a big jackpot. The Pony was getting maybe $20 or $40 every now and then, but mostly smaller jackpots. He did not have the sound up loud. We were not boisterous. It was not a good show we were putting on.

That dang Creeper must have been there for 45 minutes! Like he just came to the casino with the express purpose of watching us, not to do any gambling of his own. I wanted to turn around and say, "WHAT?" But you know Val. She's not a confrontational person. I wish I had said something to the worker who kept coming by to remove old cups, and tell us if we needed anything, her name was Something. Like maybe she could have asked security to ask Creeper what he was doing.

But WAIT! That's not all! Later, after we left the area, and were playing some kind of fireworks-triggered bonus slot, ANOTHER CREEPER sat behind us! For all I know, it was the same creeper! Old men in casinos are like cowboys in westerns. They all look alike to me.

Anyhoo... Genius was playing on one end of our row, I was on the other end, and Friend was in the middle. Every time I turned to talk to them, I saw CREEPER out of the corner of my eye. Genius was done playing, and stood behind me. Friend finished up. I was still playing, saying I wanted to get the bonus out of that slot, since I had been playing a while.

Hick came over, and I told him I was done playing, but if he'd take over right then, I'd split the bonus if he hit it. Hick is not very worldly about gambling. He agreed! Anyhoo... while Hick was inserting his player's card and getting out his money, I told Genius to come over to the other side of me, so I could talk about Creeper.

"He has been sitting there all this time, watching. You know he's going to pounce on this machine the minute we walk away. I'm not giving him the satisfaction!"

"I KNOW! He's been there a long time. That's exactly what he's doing. He's not playing anything! He's watching YOU!"

Hick put in his money, and on the second spin, hit one of the three bonuses that were ready to go. He didn't win a lot. Maybe $20. So I didn't make him split it with me. But Hick kept playing, and finally Creeper left.

I haven't seen such odd people since we were last in the Oklahoma casinos!


  1. That really is creepy and makes me glad I don't go to casinos.

    1. You should be particularly glad you don't go to casinos in Oklahoma! No weirdo shortage there! I had an old woman reach over and PUSH THE BUTTON to spin on my slot machine with my money in it while I was playing! Hick had a man ask him for money to throw his daughter a birthday party. And a lady of the New Year's Eve-ning was chatting up 18-year-old Pony!

  2. Pardon me, sir, you would appear to have lost something .... could it be your mind? We had a camper guy who seemed to be a bit taken with me. He would hang out in the office a lot and come on Thursday alone, his family joining him on Friday. Kind of gave me the creeps. One Thursday night, after closing, I headed to Walmart to restock for the weekend. Creepy Camper was there!!!! He just happened to "run into" me! He was a retired police officer who also enjoyed sitting around the pool early in the day when all the mom's in bikinis liked to sun while the kids played in the pool. I feel kind of bad sharing this, as he died one Spring. Creepy trivia: he was camping in the same site as the woman who was murdered! He didn't actually die in the campground like she did, but still. Never camper in site 25!

    1. Ooh! That is creepy about Site 25!

      I think this guy was either fixated on me in a circus sideshow kind of way, or he watches people who stay at one slot machine feeding it money, waiting to hop in and try for a jackpot.

  3. You could write a book about CWs, casino weirdos. You really have had experiences.

    1. I even have a picture of the Manspreader invading my space! He was at the same casino as the Creeper.