Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Hick Brings Home the Not-Bacon

I was planning to make a meatloaf for supper on Tuesday. Until Hick sent me a text at noon:

"Im bring turkey home for supper"

"Okay. But I have to use or freeze the hamburger."

"Okay they just had some extra turkey so I've got three packages I'm bringing home it's pretty good"

Hick arrive home with three styrofoam containers. He peeked inside. It was two dinners, and another with two slices of blackberry pie. I'm not one to turn down food that I don't have to cook! We had some leftover generic Stove Top Stuffing from the night before. So it went along with this meal.

Hick even warmed his own food! So I totally had a night off from cooking. Hick hollered from his recliner: "This is a LOT of turkey! We didn't get this much on our tray at lunch."

When I warmed my own food later, I saw what he meant:

"That IS a lot of turkey! I think I have 8 slices!"

"We had 4 at lunch. And I think I just ate 12!"

Of course, they WERE paper-thin slices, from a turkey loaf. The mashed potatoes were instant. The carrots were canned. But I'm not complaining! After all, I provided the generic boxed stuffing! I let Hick have my pie. I'm not a pie fan.

"Wow! This turkey is SALTY!"

"That's what the people at the Senior Center kept saying! I didn't think it was salty. But then, I don't eat salt."

Um. That seems it would be more likely that Hick would notice! It's true. He never adds salt, and I leave it off of things I make for him. Anyhoo... that turkey was saltier than a ham soaked in ham juice, then stored in brine for about 10 years. Didn't stop me from eating it!

Oh, and the next day's menu at the Senior Center was meatloaf. So I suppose it's a good thing I didn't make it, and force Hick to eat leftovers of the same thing he had for lunch. Even though he had turkey twice in one day...


  1. The saltiness might be why there was so much in the leftovers, they had to get rid of it. They can't give old people too much salt two days in a row. Hooray for no cooking though!

    1. They can't serve leftovers at all. So they give away what they have left when they close up. Not sure why people wouldn't want the turkey dinner. Maybe because it was pressed turkey roll, and not an actual bird.

  2. I must be behind in your posts. Is Hick working at a senior center along with his store and his house building?

    1. Not working. EATING there! It's a few blocks from Pony House, and Hick eats there every chance he gets. It costs $3. I mainly think he goes there to talk to the "girls" who serve the food! He never mentions talking to any guy regulars.

      They asked Hick to do a couple handy man jobs (for pay), but he didn't want to get involved in something like that.