Sunday, December 18, 2022

Santa Hick is Robbed of Some Thunder

Hick relented, and agreed to play Santa at the Senior Center. I think maybe he was worried that his celebrity might be usurped. He had originally declined to appear as Santa, on the day that The Grinch was coming.
Little did he know that he would have a companion on his actual day as Santa. According to Hick, this is the Grinch guy, who decided to get a Rudolph costume. I hope Rudolph doesn't get a bag of coal on Christmas morning!


  1. It's Rudolph! I thought, "is that a gingerbread man? but he's got a white belly!" Silly me. Now I'm wondering why they need a Rudolph or a Grinch. Santa works alone!

    1. I agree that the costume is not a very good representation of Rudolph! The head does not remind me of a reindeer. Santa does work alone, except the time Hick commanded The Pony do dress somewhat like an elf and hold his toy bag.

  2. Replies
    1. No! And Rudolph's head should not look like a huge furry medicine ball!