Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Foiled Again!

I almost had a chance to redeem myself for not offering monetary assistance to the daughter/mother pair in Save A Lot a couple days ago. I was ready for redemption. Had a shirt pocket full of cash. Well. I always have a shirt pocket full of cash. But I was ready to whip it out like Wyatt Earp wielding a pistol at the OK Corral.
Standing second in line at the counter of the Liquor Store on Monday, I heard the cashier tell the lady ahead of me that her card had reached its limit, and she still owed 48 cents. 

Aha! I put my hand into my shirt pocket. And then The Lady said,

"Oh. I'll try another card."

The other card was not working! Once again, I grasped a folded dollar between my index finger and bad finger, ready to step forward.

"What can I do? If it won't work, I'll just go out to the car and get money."

The guy clerk who was training the new cashier reached over and did something, and The Lady's card worked to pay her 48 cents.


The Universe seems to be punishing Val for delaying her do-good-iness on Saturday!

I think The Lady was buying a fountain soda and cigarettes, but I couldn't see around her. Nothing earth-shattering if I HAD been able to offer her 48 cents. But it's a start to redeeming myself for inaction with people who (possibly) needed me on Saturday.


  1. Your turn will come and those you help will be thankful.