Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Not Every Day Can Be a Banquet

Hick was happy to leave a doctor appointment in time to have lunch at the Senior Center near The Pony's house. He didn't know what was on the menu, but he likes eating there for the low, low price of $3. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. This was a new meal he hadn't mentioned before.
"What did you have for lunch?"
"Potato soup. And a baloney and cheese samwich. With some peas and cheese. They had some kind of white sauce in them. Maybe it was mayo. Oh, and a slice of cherry pie for dessert."
I'm pretty sure that was worth $3 for Hick. The cherry pie alone would have drawn him in.
"What's on the menu for tomorrow?"
"Some kind of taco something."
That's another one I haven't heard him mention. I'll have to see what's included when he comes home. 

They asked Hick to play Santa, but he declined. Some other guy is going to play The Grinch. Hick has his own Santa costume, and will be donning it for his yearly pre-school group breakfast. Not sure why he wouldn't play Santa for the seniors. Maybe they should have tempted him with more than a bologna sandwich before asking.


  1. Santa is definitely worth more than a bologna sandwich. They need to sweeten the deal.

    1. They might have seen the error of their ways. The next day they gave him an apple and an orange, which he forgot to bring home. And offered him a poinsettia, which he declined.