Tuesday, December 27, 2022

We Are Still Stuffed

Christmas Dinner 2022 was a glorious feast with fabulous company. The Pony had three days off in a row! He worked until 4:30 on Christmas Eve, but is always off Sunday, had Monday off for his Christmas Day holiday, and then his regularly-scheduled day off on Tuesdays. Genius and Friend made it through the winter storm to spend Saturday night through Tuesday morning in the area. And Hick (for once) did not try to sell at his Storage Unit Store after dinner, due to the frigid temperatures.

Let's start with dessert first. At least for our pictures.

That's my Oreo Cake, right after I put the finishing touches on it Christmas morning. The Pony loves this cake, as does Friend. Hick is also partial to this sweet concoction. I'm no fan. That icing is too sweet, and Oreos have never been a favorite. Right now there is one slice left, earmarked for Hick.

I didn't get a picture of the 7 Layer Salad, except for my own personal serving:

Hick and I both enjoy this salad. Genius doesn't like the layer that is mayonnaise, so he has a 6 Layer Salad, which I toss in a bowl as I'm making the main one: Lettuce, Green Onions, Boiled Egg, Peas, Shredded Sharp Cheddar, Bacon. The Pony also has a preferred version, which is a 4 Layer Salad. He leaves out the peas and bacon. They both use Peppercorn Ranch dressing. Friend takes his 7 Layer Salad full strength.

I controlled my appetite long enough to get a picture of my dinner plate before diving in.

I have a ham sandwich on Nutty Oat Bread with mayo, two Sister Schubert's Rolls, a Hash Brown Potato Casserole, Roasted Carrots/Potatoes/Onions, a Deviled Egg, and some Olives. Mmmmm!

We usually have slices of ham, but this year everyone preferred it in sandwich form. Hick was sent for bread during the big freeze, and returned with Sourdough, Honey Wheat, and Hawaiian Bread. We already had half a loaf of Nutty Oat. The most popular of Hick's breads was the Sourdough. It was all eaten except for two heels. Next was the Hawaiian. The Honey Wheat was not even opened! Pepper Jack was the most popular cheese choice, with sharp cheddar lingering on the plate. Oh, we also had dill pickle spears, but I forgot to put mine on my plate.

The Pony made Stovetop Stuffing, and had that on his own plate. I think Hick also had some. I sent the rest home with The Pony along with half a pan of Schubert's, Oreo Cake, Hidden Valley Ranch Dip, Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips, and Roasted Veggies. He did not want any ham, and I forgot the Deviled Eggs.

Hick and I will be having leftovers for a few days. I think they taste just a little extra delicious, since the only prep is warming my own plate of food!


  1. I would show up just for the salad! With only two people it gets wasted. I will eat it until it is beyond palatable! HeWho won't! Those hawaiian rolls are great for making tiny sliders. I would have put ham and cheese, buttered the tops and slid it into the oven until the cheese mels. YUM!

    1. I think we can squeeze one more day out of the 7 Layer Salad. We each have a huge bowl of it every night! This was an actual loaf of Hawaiian Bread, sliced like normal bread. I like the Hawaiian sub rolls, which are the size of two regular Hawaiian Rolls.

  2. I forgot the deviled eggs, too until everyone had finished eating. Two of our adult girls devoured a few. Everyone else was too full.

    1. A deviled egg is a terrible thing to waste! So much TLC goes into each one!

  3. Hawaiian Bread and Honey Wheat? I haven't heard of those, we don't have them here. Could I see pictures of bread and packaging please? what is in bread that makes it Hawaiian?
    Are those cornflakes on the hashbrown casserole?
    Your salad looks delicious.

    1. I will try to get you the pictures, if Hick didn't devour the last of the Hawaiian Bread. It has a sweet taste, but I'm not sure of the ingredient that makes it Hawaiian.

      Yes, plain cornflakes go on top to add crunch. It bakes covered until about the last 15 minutes, then the foil comes off to allow for the cornflake crunch. They don't get crunchy again with the leftovers, though!

      We love that salad! I don't make it a lot, because I don't want to boil and peel eggs, and fry bacon for it. But when making deviled eggs and the roasted vegetables, I have those two "layers" on hand anyway, so it's not hard to put together the salad.

    2. I think the sweet in the bread is pinapple juice. I saw the other day that a grocery had hard boiled, shelled eggs in a ziplock sort of bag. $4 a dozen. I am cheap, so it didn't appeal to me, but I did wonder how it smelled upon opening the bag!

    3. That's what I thought, and that's the flavor it reminds me of, but I didn't notice it on the ingredients. Maybe I didn't read closely enough. I just skimmed it.

      I have bought already shelled boiled eggs in a bag! It was years ago, at Walmart, when I was in a hurry to make something like a salad. Not for my precious deviled eggs! They were in the deli area, on an upper shelf where the pre-made sandwiches were in the open cooler, and didn't smell at all when I opened the bag. Can't remember what they cost back then, but the convenience was worth it. Although they didn't have much taste...