Thursday, December 8, 2022

The Pony Is Not Sure-Footed

This was not exactly a surprise. I got a text from The Pony on Monday.

"Oh, yeah. I got distracted with holiday stuff, but want to see my bruise? I fell out of an LLV [Long Life Vehicle] on Wednesday and got a nasty one from smacking the bumper on the way down."

"I actually worried for a bit until the knot went down that I might have broken one of the arm bones!"

"You really should be more careful."

"I mean, it's not like I intend to fall out of trucks!"

"No. But consciously get out safely, says the mom who closed her leg in the car door twice."

"It wasn't getting out! I was swapping a pivot over to someone. So it was falling out the back. The side I landed on was fine! It's just that I smacked either the wall, floor, or bumper with the other arm. Guy that I was swapping with wasn't sure if I just stepped out too far and missed my foothold, or if I stepped on the edge and my foot slid off the bumper."
"Dang! You had a witness, to add insult to your injury."
Let the record show that The Pony has broken both elbows, from falling in the hall at the high school on his way to my room after getting off the elementary school bus, and on the steps of the middle school on his way to lunch. 

He is not one you would want to ride down the trail of the Grand Canyon...


  1. I keep hinting you should bubblewrap that boy. Or dress him in one of those Sumo wrestling costumes. They come in uniform colours don't they? Ha Ha.
    I'm glad he didn't break anything this time, please ask him from me to be careful.

    1. Heh, heh! I love the thought of those sumo costumes in USPS uniform style. We had a contest at school and two teachers faced off in an inflatable sumo battle. It was hilarious, and I can see how such an outfit would protect The Pony. Though he might never finish a route, due to lack of mobility. If he fell, he couldn't get up! I will caution him again on being more aware of his movements.

  2. I had not heard of the term LLV Long Life Vehicle before, but glad the Pony survived the fall and bruise.

    1. LLV is the shop lingo for those square mail jeeps. They came out in the 80s, and were supposed to last 20 years! It's no wonder they are falling apart. The Pony says his office has gotten a lot of the newer Metris vans lately. I'm seeing only 1 or 2 LLVs at the repair shop when I pass, rather than the usual 4 or 5. Thanks for your concern for The Pony!