Thursday, December 29, 2022

The Pony Learns the Perils of Town Living

The Pony returned to work Wednesday after three days off for the holidays. Having Tuesday as his regular day off is quite a perk when a paid holiday falls on Sunday! The return was not as uneventful as The Pony had hoped. By 8:35 a.m., I had a text:

"Oh boy. Apparently Sis-Town is and possibly has been under a boil water order."

"How did you find that out?"


"Well, go to Country Mart and buy some bottled water to drink."

"Point being that it's too late for that!"

"The water isn't going to kill you. Dad says."

"Well yeah, he drank creek water."


I guess that was a shock, after being off for the holidays, and spending Tuesday with us and Genius at the casino, to find out that he shouldn't have been drinking the water. To find out by seeing the headline on a paper he was supposed to deliver. I couldn't find the story on my online newspaper that I don't subscribe to. My estranged BFF Google led me to the city's Facebook page, which had more details in the comments. I shared the info with The Pony when he was off work.

"I guess the only update for the water situation is the city's Facebook page. You could sign up for text notifications, but that app is down, and the person in charge is on vacation. So nobody got their notices of the boil water order."

"Nah. I'm just assuming it's fine. Even the article said it was a precautionary one and the water was testing fine."

"That was before the latest break. But Dad says it should be kind of okay..."

"There was another one today?"

"They supposedly are pumping water from the fire truck, but Dad says it has a stainless steel tank, and should probably be okay. Just not rated for human consumption. He used to be on the fire department, you know. He ran over an old lady with the fire truck."

"Ah. Last I looked, their Facebook page wasn't loading right."

"I'm on it right now, on my laptop. Did a Google search and clicked on it. Update three hours ago. People are hot about the Christmas tournament, and all the basketball teams and fans using water! Due to the notice to conserve."

"Yeah. I'm not gonna let it stop me from my hot bath. Also, I was drinking water normally for a couple days with it like this, so damage is already done regardless."

"Probably okay, unless it's muddy with particles!"

"Yep. Mine's been fine from stuff like that."

Meanwhile, just typing this tale had me reaching for several swigs of my sweet, sweet well water.


  1. We have well water, but still buy 3 gallon bootles for the dispenser. We ran out and I was dispensed to go get some gallon bottles from the Dollar General. Today we had to pick up my RX and as I was unloading I found a full 3 gallo bottle in the truck. HeWho is still grumpy says he knew it was there and told me! Then why was he in a tizzy and made me go get more? I only worry about e-coli in the water.

    1. I'm pretty sure HeWho is dealing you a hand of "Covering My Butt" with his proclamation that he knew about that jug of water all along!

      We've never had a problem with our well, except for a couple months long ago when the water had a sulfur smell. Hick had drained some kind of antifreeze or other camper fluid onto the ground about 30 feet from the well head. I don't even know if this was related to the problem, but of course I blamed Hick! He sent off samples of the water for testing, but results came back clean. Our well is so deep, I doubt any chemical seeped down into the water table without being filtered.

  2. I'm stumped at the reminder for people to boil water for baby formula. Don't they always do that anyway? Perhaps The Pony should play it safe and boil the tap water until they say it's okay again. I drink bottled spring water here because my state has "hard" water and my stomach doesn't like it.

    1. Some use jugs of water for the formula, rather than tap water. Hard water is the rule in this area. The drinking water in other regions tastes off to us, due to lack of hardness!

      The Pony should know by 5:00 p.m. Friday if the water is back to un-boiling. The pump part has been replaced, and the city is no longer conserving water. The sample has been sent for analysis, with results expected late Friday.

  3. All this talk about water, and I am clinging to the sentence: he ran over a lady with the firetruck. Water mains break all the time in St. Louis.

    1. The city had been repairing breaks all over town in the week previous, but the water tested fine, so no boil order. This was a pump, and they had trouble getting a replacement part.

      Not only did he run over the lady with the firetruck, but Hick also pulled her out from under it, and sat on the street holding her hand until the ambulance got there. Hopefully it wasn't the hand on the arm that was broken! She later sued the city, and I'm pretty sure won!