Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Pony House Master Bathroom Progress 01-06-22

Due to a weakening in the pull of my Weirdo Magnet, the only news I have to report this week is the methodical progress on Pony House. Today we have a look at the Master Bathroom's latest update. This picture was taken from the toilet area, looking towards the door to the Master Bedroom

Hick found a vanity over in Bill-Paying Town. I think it cost him $150 for the whole thing. It has the hardware, but will need some drawer handles to jazz it up. Some lady put it on Facebook. Hick commandeered The Veteran, who lives over in that area, to go with him to help load it and then unload it at Pony House. 
Hick said I wouldn't like the tight fit between it and the big triangle tub. I'm pretty sure I can fit through there! It's not like I'll be driving over to Pony House to use the Master Bathroom.

They've been taping and mudding the drywall. Not sure what color The Pony wants this bathroom painted. Hick has completed the base for the shower, having to build a little platform to get it level. He's got the framing around the tub. The bathroom door is on. The duct work has been installed by the heating/cooling guy when he put in the furnace. The water pipes have been run. I think Hick has some under-house plumbing to do before having the water turned on.

I guess next might be the shower installation, and the toilet hookup, and the floor.


  1. Replies
    1. Compared to its original state, yes. A safe, livable, 100-year-old house! For a bargain price.

  2. Why would Hick be concerned about that tight little space? no one is likely to be walking through there and all you need is enough room for a mop. Will the vanity cabinet get painted or polished? It's all looking pretty good. Maybe The Pony will choose the same blue that the boards already are, it looks nice against the white.

    1. Well, The Pony will be walking between the vanity and the tub every day! But he has beanpole legs, when his ankle isn't in a walking boot.

      Hick said the vanity will need paint, that stain won't work on that wood. I, too, like the blue color of the drywall. The Pony wants the rest of the house white, with gray trim around the windows. So maybe he'd like a splash of color in the bathroom.

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    1. I am always surprised as Hick's projects get closer to completion. I can't envision it from seeing the bare bones in the beginning.

  4. What a wonder that Hick is!! You may take that anyway you like.