Saturday, January 1, 2022

The Vault Closes On Val's 2021 Future PENNYILLIONAIRE Fortune

As we round out the year with official 2021 totals, Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune has grown, with some coins lagging behind 2020 finds, and others surging ahead. 

This week was better than expected, despite only one successful foray in coin procurement. MONDAY, December 27, found me in the Sis-Town Casey's. Finding TWO coins that split my attention.
Only one group photo! I didn't want to zoom in on that guy's foot! That might be considered weird! He DID look askance at me as I ample-rumpused my way to harvest that dime under the bags of jerky by his toe. Of course I picked up the penny first, so nobody behind me could dart in and grab it. Better safe than sorry. 

It was a face-down 1968 penny, just begging to go home in my shirt pocket, and rest comfortably in the 2021 ice cream dish penny goblet, rather than be trod upon by stinky feet.

No separate close-up of the 1993 face-down dime. All I could do was zoom in and crop. Not very well, either! 

That makes 2 COINS, for 11 CENTS towards Val's 2021 Pennyillionaire Fortune. Only quarters came out ahead this year, but it was enough to make the totals close. I'm only 10 cents behind last year's total. Makes me regret not fighting for that dime in front of the Country Mart lottery machines, when that old man asked if it was mine!


Penny       # 124.             $1.24
Dime        # 14.                $1.40
Nickel       still at 7.         $0.35
Quarter    still at 6.          $1.50

Penny     134                    $1.34
Dime        25                    $2.50
Nickel      10                     $0.50
Quarter      1                    $0.25



  1. Awesome. My husband counted ours today. 3.98

    1. I'm already at a disadvantage for 2022, because I didn't go to town today!

  2. You should always fight my friend, SLuggy and I go to battle when we travel together.

    1. YES! I know that now! When he asked if it was mine, I should have said, "Yes. Keep your wrinkly arthritic hands off it!" However, I'm pretty sure he could have outrun me if he wanted to.

  3. A total of $9.08 in two years. I think perhaps you should have began your pennyillionaire trek a lot sooner, like when you were five.
    I agree with Out My Window, always fight for that penny! Or dime/quarter/nickel.

    1. If only I knew then what you know now! I will do anything I can to beat others to loose coins this year. Short of diving on them like a football fumble.

  4. 4.59 to 4.49...that's deflation, alert the economists.

    1. No! They might pin the blame on ME, and call it VALonomics.