Tuesday, January 25, 2022

When the Boss Thinks He Can Bypass the Secretary

Monday, I was waiting for Hick to further clarify the NEW address he sent me to pay the gravel man. I have not been feeling well, running a fever of 101 for three days. So I went to lie down and await Hick's return.

Imagine my surprise when I got up 30 minutes later, and saw that HICK HAD ADDRESSED HIS OWN ENVELOPE! It was on the bathroom sink so he'd remember to mail it the next day. I looked at the address, and went seeking The Pony.

Buddy Budski
1234 Street Name
s ct City, State Zip

What in the Not-Heaven? That's not an address! All that belongs on the bottom line is the CITY STATE ZIP.

"Pony. Look at what Dad did. I don't think that's going to be delivered."

"Nope. The sorting machine will kick it out. Those letters belong with the street address."

"That's what Buddy sent me! That has to be right."

"Give me your phone, Dad. No. That's how the spacing went in the text. It's all part of the street address. Like SOUTH and COURT. Although I'm pretty sure the Ct should come before the S."

"Cain't you take it to work and fix it?"

"I guess I COULD take it in, and see if someone would hand-sort it. But it's easier just to fill it out right on a new envelope."

Yes. I did it. Third envelope. Hick also wasted a stamp. He's so difficult.


  1. I do hope this is third time lucky and Gravel Guy gets his money this time.

    1. Me too! That check has been traveling since January 12.