Thursday, January 6, 2022

Hick Porks Out, and The Pony is Buffaloed

Thevictorians had their annual after-Christmas casino trip on December 29. Not exactly a CasinoPalooza, since time was limited. So no Oklahoma red-screen bandits for us this year. We haven't been out there since March 2020. Maybe one day we'll go again.

Genius and Friend were in from Pittsburgh, and my sister the ex-ex-mayor's wife, and her husband the ex-ex-mayor, went along with us. All in separate cars, of course. The Pony was given this requested date as a weekly day off, so no time lost. We only drove 90 minutes to Casino Town, down on the Mississippi River.

Lunch was calmer this time, since Sis did NOT insist on getting BBQ sauce with her burger. Her nose was a bit out of joint because while they were all standing around outside the grill where we met up to have lunch, I said, "I'm getting in line before other people show up. I can't stand for along time." Of course the rest of the crew followed me, and since Hick was paying for everyone but Sis and Ex-Ex-Mayor, the boys had to come up behind me.

"Oh. I guess we'll wait until ALL OF YOU order."

"Yes. That's why I got in line first."

"Oh, go ahead. It doesn't matter."

Huh. It obviously DID matter, but since I WAS in line first, while they were chewing the fat out in the casino, it was only fair that we went ahead. Unless Sis wanted to pay for three boys' food. Besides, it's not like it would have been quick if I let Sis go ahead. She is notorious for asking, "What comes on that? Can I substitute? Are chips the same price as fries? Can I get BBQ sauce with that?"

Anyhoo... there was a new special that I was tempted to get when I saw the sign. But I stuck with my Catfish Nuggets and tater tots. Genius had Catfish Nuggets and fries, Friend had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich with fries, The Pony had a Cheeseburger with fries, and HICK GOT THE SPECIAL. It was a Pork Loin Po' Boy. He was at the end of our line, but The Pony told me later,

"Of course Dad called it a Pork Boy!"

I would have loved to try a bite, but it was COMPLETELY GONE before I could offer to trade a Catfish Nugget. The Pony is lucky he got this picture without losing a couple fingers. 

Most of us lost minimal money at the casino, although Hick was the biggest loser, leaving behind his Christmas bankroll that I provided as this year's gift. I only left 1/10 of my casino bankroll behind. I had a great time playing a Wonder 4 Miss Kitty. No big bonuses, but several of the lower end type.

Here it is adding up. The total bonus was $137.85. I was hoping to hit that GRAND jackpot on the wheel spin, but no such luck. 

The Pony was losing a lot when we had lunch. He had trimmed down his bets. He went back to play Buffalo Chief, I think. I got a text from him that he'd hit a bonus. I found out later what kind!

Here is the screen where The Pony's bonus is adding up. Do you see that green square on the left, that says MAJOR? Yeah, that was behind one of the gold coins that triggered the bonus. Here's another picture showing the actual amount of the MAJOR up top.

See there? The MAJOR was $750!!! And The Pony was betting the minimum on that game, of 80 cents per spin. He was the day's big winner. Genius also won a pretty good jackpot on this Buffalo game. About half that amount. I can't win on it. I was fine with Miss Kitty.


  1. Lots of good times. Finally they are starting renew.

    Catfish!! Oh, I love catfish. When I go back "home" to Pike County, I order catfish everywhere we went. Dad always went to this shack on the Mississippi where there was a scraggly old guy. We kids waited on the bank for a while and then Dad came out with some wrapped slabs of catfish and buffalo. Mom dredged them in cornmeal, fried them in her big iron skillet. You can tell, these are memories I will never forget.

    Thanks for your blog! You have a great take on life.

    1. Susan,
      You make me want to go right back to the casino to eat more catfish! And while I'm there, I might as well gamble for a few minutes...

      We also have a fish called a "buffalo."

  2. I am a big catfish fan, as well. You might recall my recent review of Daniels' Steakhouse buffet. I was excited about the catfish and was so disappointed. My sister was always asking for extra sauce, extra lemon slices and sending her food back due to some problem. My Dad and I loved to watch what he called her restaurant performance and then take note that she never used all those extras and we would tell her on the way home that the cook probably spit on her entree for her being such a pain. I miss those times.

    1. Your Daniels' Steakhouse buffet memory might not be pleasant, but at least you have the fond memories of dining out with your sister and dad.

      I still think about my mom ordering from the child's menu, then putting half of her meat on a roll to eat there, and taking home the rest, along with all the butter and rolls and pickle slices brought to the table.

  3. Hick got a Po'boy and became a Po'Boy, hee hee.
    Good wins for you and the boys though, congratulations.

    1. That would have been a great title!

      I love playing a slot like this Miss Kitty, that gives me bonuses, even if it slowly takes my money, because I have HOPE every time the bonus hits. That Buffalo game is not my friend, but The Pony always plays it, with limited success. This was NOT limited!