Saturday, January 29, 2022

No Pennies Possible This Week

Since I haven't left home in a week, there is zero chance of a penny harvest. The Pony said he could have picked up a DIME for me Thursday, but that's not really fair. It's the thought that counts, I guess.


  1. So, did he pick it up and poket it or leave it? Sorry that crud virus got a hold of you. My son and his two kids have been battling it as well. Should be on the down side by now. Hope you find a small fortune when you do get out and about.

    1. He LEFT it! I guess it was meant for someone else.

      This is Day 8 of my second sickness. The one Hick gave me was over in 4 days. Then I got this from The Pony two days later. I thought I was feeling better, but overdid it today. Hopefully I will be making progress.

  2. I think he should have picked up the dime, even if he doesn't give it to you. He could start his own nickel & dime goblet.