Thursday, February 22, 2024

Prices Flow Freely at Senior Bingo

Hick was back to playing bingo at the Senior Center on Wednesday morning. He sent me a picture of his "prices."

"Won bingo twice. Food stuff for bingo today."

"Wow. Your prizes look delicious."

"Won blanket too."

"They must hate you!"

"No they get a big kick out of it especially when I loss."

Pretty sure he meant LOSE. Hick is generous with his prices. He gave me the Thin Mints, the Hot Cocoa Ball, and the Fruity Pebbles. I'll pass the Fruity Pebbles along to The Pony. Also, Hick gave me the Cozy Sherpa Blanket. Good to know that I won't freeze to death when I climb Mount Everest!

Hick said that most days, they are allowed to win once at regular bingo, and once at coverall bingo. On Wednesday, there weren't many people, so they could win twice at regular, and once at coverall. He said he actually won four times, but didn't claim the others because he'd already won.

If only Hick was such a winner at bar bingo!


  1. Yay! Hick got a lot of nice prices there. Those Thin Mints look pretty good. I hope you enjoy them. I really like that blanket too. I'm always tempted to buy those nice soft blankets in the stores but I really have too many blankets, even the soft cozy ones:) Good Luck to Hick on being a winner at the bar bingo!

    1. I'm sure I will like the Thin Mints! The blanket is nice, even though such a light color is not my favorite. I'm always chilly, so a blanket is a good win for me.

      Hick tells me there's some kind of XTreme Bar Bingo app that has a prize (PRICE) of $17,000 right now. You have to find something... I'm not interested in trying it, because I think it could lead to a lot of gambling spam. Same reason I would never play free online slots or poker.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes. And 10,000 monkeys typing on 10,000 typewriters for 10,000 years can put out a news release to mark that feat!

  3. The blanket will be very handy when winter comes around again.

    1. It will be handy in the summer for me, because the air conditioner makes me cold, even though we set it at 74 degrees.

  4. A good win whe YOU get to have part of his loot!