Wednesday, February 28, 2024

It Was a Nice Run While It Lasted

Remember back when I had that $1000 scratcher winner? It was the day before we went to the casino. So I didn't expect to win there. Usually, I'm either lucky with the scratchers, or lucky at the casino. Val's gambling life is a balance of ups and downs. But not this time!

Every slot machine I played was generous! Not spitting out giant jackpots like the time several years ago when I won $8,600. But enough to show that it was a bonus, and put me ahead. Of course that doesn't mean I pocketed all the winnings. I was there to play, by cracky!

I played a Wonder 4 Boost slot, and it gave me a SuperFree bonus that means it was four screens, not one. Then it gave me the BOOST while in that bonus. Which means it switched to eight screens. That was fun and profitable. I didn't get a picture while it was playing those eight screens, because a weirdo had sat down by me, and was doing a play-by-play on my spins.  

I cashed out a nice addition to my wins ticket, and went to my favorite, the Wonder 4 Tall Fortunes. My old stand-by, Indian Dreaming, was not paying at all. So I switched to the Buffalo Gold game on it. Still tight. So I swiped in my other game, Miss Kitty. That's where the action was! I hit the TOWER bonus!

I was down to $5.86 when I hit that bonus. Only two spins left. Then I won $155.88. That darn WIN symbol covered up the screen that had so many kitties on it. Anyhoo... it was fun to play that bonus. Then I found a penny leaned against the bottom of that slot when I moved around the corner to the left to play a game The Pony had waiting for me.

Of course we had lunch. Nothing special on the menu. We all had a burger with fries. I didn't get a picture of Hick's. He was too busy eating.

That's The Pony's burger and fries. He had cheese which I think was provolone, and lettuce and onions. I don't like lettuce on a burger. I think it's tasteless and takes away from the burger flavor.

I take my burger straight! Without the cheese. Only onions and pickles for me. I had to set my burger out of the cardboard dish, to allow room for ketchup for my fries. As you can see, these are not pre-pressed and frozen patties. Somebody actually took a handful of ground beef and plopped it on the grill.

For once I did not get shorted on the fries. The Pony was finished before I was, and I gave him the pointy-ended fries. I like the square ones better.

Anyhoo... we all had a good time, and there was only that one weirdo who could not resist my magnet. I left with $200 added to my casino bankroll. The Pony was $40 ahead. And poor Hick lost 70 percent of his gambling stake.

Oh, and when we stopped on the way home for Hick to use the bathroom and get a soda, I gave The Pony money to get us some scratchers out of the machine at that truck stop. The Pony didn't win anything, but I had a $50 winner on the ticket I told him to get me.

This has been one of my longer winning streaks!


  1. Your meal counts as a win too! You got plenty of fries, and a decent non-frozen burger. I eat all fries, pointy or square makes no difference to me.

    1. I was full from the burger, and eager to get back to winning in the casino! The Pony enjoyed the pointy fries more than I would have.

  2. And all I want is for the stove I have already paid for to be delivered. Oh, I did score a really nice walking stick when we went for a hike with our company. It is about 7 feet long and all the bark was scraped off. It will be incorporated in my steps up the embankment as a handrail. Somebody left it on a picnic table just for me!

    1. That is definitely your rightful walking stick. A special "price" left for you by The Universe. A consolation "price" from Even Steven, due to your stove difficulties.