Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A Last Gasp For the Future Pennyillionaire Fortune

Since I ceased my quest to become a Future Pennyillionaire at the close of 2023, I only saw THREE pennies between January 1 and February 12. That's six weeks, people! And it was not that I wasn't observant. I'll never stop noticing coins The Universe plops into my path. Imagine if I had been actively collecting for my Future Pennyillionaire Fortune, and only harvested three pennies in six weeks! I think I got out at the right time. However...

The Pony joined us for a casino trip on February 13th. It was a little celebration for our February birthdays, falling after mine and before The Pony's. Tomorrow I'll share a bit more of the casino trip. Right now I want to reveal a different experience.


I never expect to find coins at the casino. Everything is paper these days. Even the "penny slots," heh, heh. You feed paper money or paper tickets of your winnings into a slot in the slot machines. No coins, no tokens. All paper. The only coins in a casino are in the restaurants or bars, or perhaps dispensed from the cash-out machine. This casino still does that. The ones in Oklahoma, or the other casino we sometimes go to in the city, do not give change back. Just a ticket, or some will ask if you want to donate it to whatever charity they're promoting.

Anyhoo... it's like the coins were waiting for me this day. As if they knew where I was going to walk or play!

The first was a nickel. I had The Pony snap a picture, because I had my hands full of my cane and a FREE soda.

Next was a penny, up against the cabinet of a Miss Kitty slot I had been playing and hit a jackpot. I suppose it may have given me luck before its discovery! The Pony had called me around beside it to play a goldfish slot. You can see my foot on its footrest. The Pony took the picture and picked up my penny. We marveled that I'd found TWO coins when I had barely seen any for six weeks.

But wait! The Pony and I separated, and at my next slot I saw another penny! Not a very good picture. The Pony was not where I could persuade him to take the photo for me. Looks like somebody needs to vacuum this area! My attention was drawn to that piece of foil that I thought was a dime, but then I saw the penny.

Incredible as it may seem, there was yet ANOTHER coin in my future. On my way back from the bathroom, I spied this nickel along the main walkway. 

That's FOUR coins in a couple of hours. Way better than three in six weeks!

Let the record show that none of these coins were found near a restaurant or bar, and were on the other side of the casino from the money-cashing machine.

These coins DID seem to be symbols of good luck for two of the three of us...


  1. I haven't been to a casino in many, many years but I loved the sound of the coins when winning. Not that I ever heard it much for myself:) I wonder how many coins the cleaners find when vacuuming the carpets and wonder if they're allowed to keep them.

    1. I never went when there were coins allowed, but my grandma used to take rolls of nickels. I remember buying the metal tokens that were worth 25 cents, and yes, it was nice to hear them clanging into the tray for a win. We had big plastic cups to carry them around. They got fed into the machines like quarters. Your hands got filthy after playing for a few minutes.

      I doubt the employees are allowed to keep anything, even a penny. There are cameras everywhere. They probably have to sign a contract that says anything found must be turned in.

  2. Replies
    1. Somebody who played the same slots as I did! Hick said it was probably from a guy reaching into his pocket for money, and a coin was caught in the bills. However... Hick carries his paper money in a wallet, not in his pocket. And a woman would use a purse.

  3. Is that Even Steven bringing you luck with the machines or is he trying to tempt you into picking up pennies again?

    1. I think it's luck, because I haven't seen a single penny since that day!

  4. You are being lured. Maybe there is something bigger in your future of coin-picking.

    1. Maybe there's a rare coin waiting for me, worth a million dollars by itself!