Monday, February 19, 2024

Hick Senses Make Bad Neighbors

You may recall that The Pony's trash can disappeared a couple weeks ago. Trash day is Tuesday. The Pony set out his trash in just the bag this week. He is afraid that a new trash can may not fit in his car. "It would be terrible to buy one, then not have a way to get it home." 

Hick thinks a trash can will fit in The Pony's Nissan Rogue. It's a hatchback. But Hick also thinks The Pony doesn't need a trash can.

"I saw it! It's sitting in his neighbor's driveway!"

Hick even sent a text to The Pony, telling him to go get it and bring it back. His neighbors aren't there anyway. They've been having renovations done on their house. I mentioned the trash can on my morning phone call to The Pony.

"I told Dad to pick up a trash can for you, and he said just go get it from your neighbor's driveway. He saw it there when he drove by on his way to lunch at the Senior Center."

"He sent me a text about it. That is NOT my trash can! My neighbor has the same kind. That one has been sitting there for a while. It's full of shingles off the roof. So theirs didn't blow away! It was there before the windy day that I lost mine."

"Oh. I'll tell Dad. So he can get you a new one. What kind do you want?"

"YES! Tell Dad that I am NOT going to steal my neighbor's trash can. I don't care what kind he gets me. I don't even need a lid. I still have mine. It was on the porch. My trash that day was piled higher than the top, and the lid wouldn't fit."

Hick doubted The Pony's tale.

"Yeah, it's full of shingles because they got The Pony's trash can that blew away, and put them in it!"

"No. He said it's been there for a while."

"Well. I DID see another trash can that looked like The Pony's, way down the street."

"Maybe you should go by again, and pick it up!"

Hick didn't have a response to that. I sure hope he doesn't dump out those shingles and put that trash can on The Pony's porch.


  1. Can't he just call the company who picks up his trash and tell them to bring him another can?

    1. Nope. The Pony lives in town. The city collects the trash. They do not provide trash cans. Each resident must have their own. Some just set out a trash bag at the curb, but they run the risk of a dog or cat or vermin ripping it open before the trash truck comes by.

      Out here, the trash collection services provide the dumpsters. You can tell who has which service by the color of the dumpster. They will charge you for another if you "lose" the one they gave you when you started service.

  2. Perhaps The Pony needs to decorate his bin so it is easily recognisable as his. I painted a big XX (unit number) on my bin so the neighbours wouldn't mistake it and use it for their rubbish. Didn't work of course, they don't care which bins they fill, so now I keep it locked inside my back porch.

    1. What a sad day for humanity, when you have to keep your trash under lock and key!

      The Pony said he was aware of the trash can down the street, and that it's not his, because it has the address of the house it belongs to on the side. Hick said that's what The Pony needs to do.

      Unfortunately, Walmart was out of big trash cans today, and Hick couldn't pick one up while he was there. He's going to try Lowe's tomorrow. I suppose a lot of people were missing their trash can after that storm!

  3. Get a square can. My neighbor's round cans would blow past my square can that only fell over. Of course, a tornado would take even a square one.

    1. I imagine Hick will get whatever shape he can find. It's odd that Walmart was out of trash cans! I will suggest the square type. That's like our trash dumpster. When we know it will be windy, Hick lays it down so it won't blow over onto the gravel road. It won't roll away, because it's square.

  4. I painted signs on the trashcans at the campground for recycles. Didn't really help, as people would put dirty diapers in the ones labeled "cans only". We had the huge dumpster that the company we contracted with would dump twice a week, only to find that the neighbors were using it to put tires and fenders and such in it. Here, we don't worry about dogs or cats spreading the garbage out ... it is bears and possums!

    1. Our own dogs would be our worst nemeses. As though there is a "good" nemesis. We DID have a raccoon. Past tense for a reason...