Tuesday, August 9, 2022

The Pony Puts His Hoof Down and Refuses to be Stalked

The Pony ordered Chinese food last week. He can have it delivered now that he lives in town. Delivered, much like the mail, to his door. He had Szechuan Chicken.

"Good, except for the broccoli. So much broccoli."

"Broccoli is delicious, but those stalks take up room that could be filled with meat."

"These pieces are just so big! So much stem! Next time I'm going to say 'no broccoli' and maybe get extra meat. You can order it that way for an extra charge. And I might ask for extra baby corns. I love the baby corns."

"Wow! The no broccoli request really did the job! (Also paid for extra meat and asked for extra baby corn)."

"That looks delicious. So meaty. And corny."

The Pony will be stalked no more!


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, might as well pay a little extra and eat everything, rather than toss out part of your meal that's cheaper. If he was here, I would gladly have eaten The Pony's broccoli-stalk scraps!

  2. It's great that you can customise your meal any way you like, paying a little extra is okay too to get what you want. I love broccoli stems, it's the heads I don't like.

    1. Must be a texture thing. I like both the stalks and the heads.

      I DO NOT like a certain Chinese restaurant around here that only puts the stems in Chicken and Broccoli. Slices them across, so they're little discs like water chestnuts. I wouldn't mind them if some heads were also included. I feel like I'm being short-changed by getting only the stems.

  3. Ask them about it, maybe they'll throw a few heads in for you.

    1. I never order from there myself. We used to get it at school, on Parent Teacher nights, when we had supper brought in. After a couple times of getting just the stalks, I quit ordering anything with broccoli, and I refuse to patronize that business now.