Monday, August 1, 2022

Fumers Gonna Fume

Some people are almost too rude to roam free in public! I was gonna say too rude to live, but then someone might be offended because that could be twisted into saying I am feeling murderous. The phrase was actually inspired by several viewings of Mean Girls, and the scene where Janis says that her best friend Damian is almost too *** to function. I'm shocked that line has not been edited out of all prints of that movie by now, in this age of hypersensitivity where everyone is a victim, and nobody can take a joke.

Anyhoo... some people, like Hick, are born without a funny bone. And other people, like the Whiner at the Backroad Casey's on Sunday evening, are born without a patience bone.

I had just stepped up to the counter for my turn. Nothing to cash in. Just cash in hand to spend on my scratchers. I already knew the tickets I wanted. As I was telling the Old Gal clerk, a woman yanked open the door and stood at my shoulder. Not behind me, in the semblance of a line. But at my shoulder. Like any minute she might elbow me out of the way and take my turn.

Whiner was fuming. Silently. She glared at the person who walked up with a soda and stood behind me. As I completed my transaction, and stepped around her to get to the door, I couldn't help but hear her unpleasantness pour out her piehole.

"I need a receipt for Pump 7. DO YOU PEOPLE EVER PUT PAPER IN THOSE PUMPS?"

I wish Old Gal would have responded: "No. We like people to come in here and berate us. It livens up the day, and keeps customers waiting in line longer, so they can berate us, too, for taking so long."

Obviously, that Whiner had been to this Casey's before, and knew they had a problem with the paper receipts at the pumps. So she should have taken her whiny butt on down the road a piece, and bought gas somewhere else.


  1. On the other hand, perhaps Casey's should be more vigilant with the paper receipts at the pumps. but you're right, whiner could have driven the extra mile to the other store.

    1. Whiner could have driven ONE BLOCK, and gotten her gas at the Gas Station Chicken Store. But since they have old-style pumps that don't take the cards or give receipts, she might have gone through the light and under the overpass, a mere quarter-mile distance, to Orb K, where they have modern pumps, more of them, and an easier parking lot to navigate than Casey's.

      Sure, Casey's should be more vigilant about their receipt paper. But the way for Whiner to go about complaining might be to call and contact a manager, not stand off to the side and confront the only cashier on duty while she was working through a line of customers.

      It's possible they run out of paper late in the day, and the only cashier didn't have time to go out and replace it. Or she might not have known. It was after 5:00 p.m. when I was there.

      It's also possible THOSE PEOPLE NEVER PUT PAPER IN THOSE PUMPS. I don't buy my gas at that Casey's, so I don't know.

  2. "You people"? I would have asked her to be more forthcoming about "you people" and exactly who she thought they might be. "Are you including me in the people you are referring to, or are there others you might want me to relay a message to?" Said so sweetly as to be even more offensive that her.

    1. I felt like she meant "lowly convenience store workers" but you know what happens when we assume!