Tuesday, August 16, 2022

By Hook or By Crook(ed Parker)

Stay vigilant, Val! Even Steven is on your tail. Or in this case, on your ample rumpus. Only yesterday, that pointy screw-hook thingy was itching to pierce T-Hoe's tire, and now a crooked parker has tried to block Val's re-entry into T-Hoe.

All three of my favored parking spaces were taken when I pulled into Country Mart's lot to procure my $3 scratchers. So I chose a space on the end of a row running perpendicular to the building. It being on the end, I of course cheated T-Hoe over to the right. Even though nobody was parked in the space to my left, you never know what might be there when you come out. I've spent enough time standing and waiting on ne'er-park-wells to return and move their too-close vehicle so I can open my door.

Good thing Val is pro-active. I was only inside five minutes. Maybe less. But here's what greeted me when I stepped out the door to reunite with T-Hoe.

I pulled T-Hoe's driver's door open all the way. Slowly. There was about a half-inch to spare between my door and the side of the F-150. NOTHING was on the other side of that truck! And look at all the carts abandoned in the front edge of that space. Surely there was a better parking slot that that one! 

I don't mind other people cheating over to the right, as long as they're still within their lines, and don't cram up on a car already there. This F-150 wasn't even parked straight. It was all cattywompus, with the rear left tire over by the other white line.

Some people need their parking privileges revoked! Even Steven needs to shower his attention on someone else for a while... now that he's done with the GOOD STUFF for Val.


  1. Shame on him or her for parking so carelessly. Or perhaps there was an emergency and they screeched in as fast as they could without caring and rushed inside to get whatever it was they needed in such a hurry.

    1. Heh, heh! I can't imagine what kind of "emergency" would necessitate rushing into Country Mart. Unless their body was wracked with withdrawal pains from lack of a daily dose of expired foods!