Monday, August 15, 2022

Don't Turn Your Back on Even Steven

Val has some amazing good luck. But it comes with a price. There's usually a catch.
Friday, I had a $100 scratcher winner. Yay, me! Saturday, I had another $100 scratcher winner, along with a $50 winner. Double-yay, me! I love winning. But I know it doesn't last. Winning also makes me a little nervous. I'm always looking over my shoulder for Even Steven...
Good thing! When I got out of T-Hoe on Sunday afternoon, to cash in that $50 winner, I stepped down and looked over my shoulder. Something metallic glittered on the pavement. Since it wasn't coin-shaped, I went on inside. 
Upon return to T-Hoe, I took a closer look. What I saw sent shivers up my spine. I'd have taken a picture right there, but a lady was sitting in the car parked next to me, and that would have put my rumpus in her face, with only a thin window of safety glass between us. So I didn't take time for a picture there, but only bent quickly to pick up the offending metal.
I deposited it on T-Hoe's console and heaved a sigh of relief.
There it is on my kitchen table. Hick told me the real name of it, but to me it sounded like a lesson from Charlie Brown's teacher. It's about 2 inches long. That point was just waiting to stab T-Hoe's tire when I cut the wheels to back out of my parking space. I'm sure an optimal angle of twisting and grinding when I turned the wheel would have flipped that pointy end into the precise position needed to pierce my tread. 

Caughtcha, Even Steven! I know you'll try again. I'll be watching.

REALLY watching. I had another $50 winner.


  1. It looks like a large cup hook to me, the kind you screw into the underside of an above counter cabinet to hook your coffee mugs onto.
    Even Steven paid me a little visit this week, with a $50.50 win on the Saturday lotto draw. Someone else got the $20million though.

    1. As long as it doesn't screw into my tire! I'm glad Even Steven PAID you a visit, heh, heh! Maybe after returning to give me the bad, he'll come again to give you the good.

  2. Replies
    1. I am thankful I didn't have to say Something Wicked This Way Plunged--INTO MY TIRE!