Friday, August 12, 2022

Next Thing You Know, He's Gonna Have 76 Trombones

Hick the wheeler-dealer is at it again. He spent $250 on a bunch of stuff out of the back of a guy's truck. Once again, Hick is in the music business. Here are his purchases, as described by Hick himself. So don't fault Val for any inaccuracies!
The beige one on top is a Rickenbacher steel guitar. Hick saw one on eBay with an asking price of $1100. One of his buddies said it could go for $1100-1500. Hick says he'll take $300 for it.

The wooden one beneath it is a Yamaha guitar that Hick thinks is worth $700-800, and he'll take $350.

This is a mandolin with case. Hick thinks it's worth $700-800, and he'll take $350.

"What in the NOT-HEAVEN is THAT?" You might ask. At least I did. Hick says it's a ukelin. I asked if he meant a ukulele, which does not look like that, but Hick said no, he meant UKELIN. It was made in 1917. Hick says he couldn't find one looking it up, but he will take $200 for it. I didn't have any trouble looking it up, and I think that's way too high, unless this is some special antique. Good thing Hick is not set on his prices.

This is a Rotary Deluxe Parlor Guitar, made in the 1930s. Hick thinks it's worth $500-700, and he'll take $250 for it. I don't know where Hick looked up his prices. This seems high for what I saw on my estranged BFF Google. I know Hick has a buddy who deals in musical instruments, and he talked to him about these items already.

Hick had a guy interested on Thursday afternoon, and told him he'd sell all of them to him for $1000. The guy wanted to see them. Hick sent pictures, but the guy didn't open them yet. So maybe he thinks Hick is a crazy stalker and is ignoring the number. Or maybe he changed his mind. No skin off Hick's nose.

Hick put pictures on his Facebook page right before his bedtime Thursday night, saying "Come see me at my Storage Unit Store this weekend!" His phone lit up with questions. One guy wanted his phone number, and called within seconds. He wanted Hick to save them for him to look at Friday evening, but Hick said, "If I get an offer, I'm going to sell. You can see them if they're still available."

I know nothing about these instruments or their worth. Hick is usually reasonable with his prices, but after looking at a couple of these, I think he might be a bit high. Depends on how much somebody wants them, I guess. And if they want a price where they can make money to resell them.

One thing I'm pretty sure about is that Hick will get his $250 back. And at least a 50-cent profit!


  1. He should triple his money + 50 cents

    1. Good to know! You are more knowledgeable about these items than Hick. He knows enough to not get taken, so there's that.

  2. Someone might pay a high price just to have something as quirky as a Ukelin. I've heard of them but never seen one.

    1. I never knew they existed. I thought Hick was mispronouncing the name!