Thursday, July 14, 2022

The Storage Unit 500

No, that's not a NASCAR event. Not a race at all. Unless you count Hick racing to the bank to deposit his money! Hick bought a whole passel of assorted re-sellables from a guy this week. He spent $500 on the lot. Here are SOME of the items he got.
First of all, the non-pictured stuff.
2 Guitars:
*Yamaha flat top which Hick doesn't remember the model. He thinks he can sell it for $150 minimum, but it could be worth up to $300, depending on the model.
*Electric guitar which Hick doesn't remember the brand or model. Hick already sold it to a dude for $600, and the dude says it plays fine. Hick said the only things he saw wrong was that the chrome had come off the pickup, and the pin that holds the strap was broken. Hick saw one online for $1700 new, and $1300 used. But he's happy with his $600 in hand.

Remote control boat with a fisherman in it, which Hick already sold for $30.

Remote control Interstate Battery truck, which Hick thinks he can sell for $50-$75.

So out of his $500 investment, Hick has already recouped $630. Better than a 50-cent profit!

That's PeeWee Herman! Hick has no idea what he's worth. The Lotus model Hick says he can sell for $25-$30. That case beside PeeWee holds a Honer Melodial Piano, made in Germany in the 1960s. Hick thinks it is worth anywhere from $25 to $100. I wish he had opened up the case. As Hick described it: "It's a piano that you blow with your mouth, and play the keys with your hands."

The 3 gumball machines are the only things in this photo that Hick bought with that stuff. He says they are worth $75-$100 each, with the wooden one on the right being worth the most. He said it was made around 1930-39. Of course they'll need to be cleaned up!

There's Bing Crosby! He sings a song, and runs on batteries. Hick doesn't know what he's worth. He didn't mention the price he'll put on those stock cars, either. But he said the John Deere Tractor bank is worth $10, and the tractor with a trailer is worth $50.

Here's another view of the John Deere Tractors, and a bunch of Big Mouth Billy Bass and his buddies, Bubba Catfish, Jaws, and Lucky Tom Turkey. They are all battery operated, and sing, I think. They were pretty popular about 20 years ago, at least around these parts, heh, heh! Hick says the fish are worth $10 each, and Tom Turkey $20. There's a Lionel Train Clock, $25-$30. I can't believe Hick didn't say anything about that Anheuser Busch Train Set! I think it says "O" Gauge on the box. Unless it's "D." I'm sure there's a collector who would be interested in that.

These are "Millennium" scale model cars. Hick says they are worth $30-$35 each. Starting from the top, they are:

'55 Chevy
'70 Chevelle
'35 Deusenberg SSJ
'69 Olds 4-4-2
'67 Mustang GT
'65 Shelby Cobra
'49 Mercury

I asked Hick if that Mercury was like a ZZ Top car, but he said no, it was like the Mercury in the Alan Jackson song "Mercury Blues."

Anyhoo... that concludes Hick's haul. He's already turned a profit, so he's sittin' pretty on this deal.


  1. Those are some really nice items. However, it seems he is underpricing some of those items. But, what do I know?

    1. Hick knows what items are worth. He looks them up, or contacts his resources like the "jewelry lady." However, he likes getting new (used) merchandise to turn it over quickly, and keep people coming back to see what new items he might have. He's said he will sell stuff for a 50-cent profit just to get new stuff to attract his shoppers. (Though not the high-dollar pieces like the guitars.)

      Hick does not want to sell on eBay and wait for a high price. He will sometimes put certain wares on the local Buy Sell Trade, to attract attention and get a better price than walk-in traffic might give him.

      Like the old saying about "what the market will bear," Hick knows how much his customers are likely to pay, and prices his items accordingly. He will trade some things for a loss, if he can get something else he knows he can sell to recoup that money and still profit.

      Hick also gives full refunds if one of his products does not work when the buyer gets it home, which is rare, because he tries them out first, and warns of any defects he detects.

  2. I would pay someone to take away that PeeWee Herman. Otherwise this is a really great collection of stuff. Hick certainly knows how to make a profit!

    1. Heh, heh! Hick said PeeWee TALKS! But he can't tell what he's saying. PeeWee has a pull-string in his neck, but the sound is messed-up.

      Hick likes dealing with people, and looks for certain items that his regulars collect, like elephants, or Wonder Woman. He likes trading with other dealers, but tells them he's not paying retail, because HE has to make a profit, too. So they can take it or leave it, no hard feelings either way. It's just business.

  3. I've seen those Melodial Pianos, so I know what you are talking about. I like the Millenium Model cars. That's a really good haul for Hick, he'll make a bit more than he usually does.

    1. Hick is definitely happy with his haul. He has a guy coming to look at the flat top guitar today. Says it's from the 1950s.