Friday, July 15, 2022

Green-Thumb Genius Picked a Half-Ripe Habanero

How many half-ripe Habaneros did Green-Thumb Genius pick? Just the one. So far. 

At 8:56 Wednesday morning, I got a picture from Genius.

"My first habanero started to ripen overnight!"

"Do you have a special plan for it?"

"Not really. Definitely want to try a bit on its own to get a feel for the heat level, then probably throw the rest of this one in with a meal while cooking."

"Have a glass of milk ready in case it's too hot! Don't pepper-spray yourself with its fumes!"

"If anything I'm worried they'll be too mild! Most people water-starve their plants around this time to get spicier fruit but I haven't done that. So I just hope they have any heat at all."

"The seeds will, I bet."

Later, when I wrote my weekly letter to Genius, I commended him for being a good farmer.

"Good to hear that you've been a good Pepper Parent, and didn't abuse your Habaneros by water-starving them. Of course, there's still that DISMEMBERING and EATING them thing to deal with..."

I'd already mailed that letter when I got an update from Genius while sitting at a stoplight on the way home.

"Decided to cheat and harvest that first one a little early."

"It got significantly more orange throughout the day. I did NOT have to worry about how spicy it would's one of the hottest Habaneros I've ever had."

"Be careful not to spontaneously combust!"

No word yet on what meal Genius used his half-ripe Habanero in.


  1. Yikes! You can have the hot stuff. I prefer mild. My husband witha cast iron gut can eat anything.

    1. I can't take the heat. Frank's RedHot Original is spicy enough for me. I add a little dash to my chili. Hick will eat spicier, but says it makes his head sweat.

  2. One of the hottest! Well done Genius. My sons both love chillies too, the hotter the better, the older one, M, has yard space and is planning to grow some, J has newborn twins and no space or time.

    1. I hope M gets a bumper crop of peppers! I can understand how J would be too busy, with his recent bumper crop of babies!