Sunday, July 17, 2022

The Storage Unit 500 (Update)

Hick's $500 purchase of inventory for his Storage Unit Store continues to pay off. On Thursday, I showed you some items that he bought, all from one guy. He sent me a picture of a couple of those items that he has now placed on a shelf, rather than showing them stacked on the floor.

Hick says he'll sell the top John Deere, with the trailer, for $50. The smaller two he would sell for $25 each. There's a couple of those Millennium scale model cars I showed before, that Hick says will go for $30-$35 apiece. As always, Hick's prices are negotiable. We'll get to that in a minute...

Also in this photo are two Budweiser holiday tins. They are not from this purchase, but something Hick already had. Their price is $10 each. They once held two cans of beer apiece, but Hick can't sell alcohol. Not even old skunky alcohol. He CAN sell tins!

Anyhoo... Hick listed few of his items on Buy Sell Trade, which brought him a couple of customers. When I showed you Hick's purchases, I mentioned that he'd already sold the electric guitar and a remote control boat. Here is a list of what he's sold so far:

Electric Guitar - $600
RC Boat -------- $  30
Talking Fish --- $  40 for a set of 6
Bing Crosby --- $  30 in a combo with Ray Charles, who Hick forgot to mention!
Millenniums --- $  75 for a set of 3 cars
Gumball Mach -$200 for all 3

So you can see that Hick is willing to wheel and deal to move merchandise. That's a total of $975 that Hick has collected from his original purchase of $500. He's almost doubled his money, and still has items left to sell.

I don't know why somebody wanted so many talking fish, except maybe for resale. Hick doesn't mind customers making a profit, as long as he gets his up front. He'd rather sell 3 of those Millennium cars for $75 than sit on them and wait to get $35 each.

A lady saw the green gumball machine on Buy Sell Trade, and wanted it for $75. Then the next day her husband came to get it, and said he'd take all 3 gumball machines for $200. Hick was fine with that, moving his merchandise quickly. He didn't even have time to clean them up!

Anyhoo... Hick probably won't sell much until next weekend, since rain is forecast all day. But if he makes more sales on the Storage Unit 500, I'll give you an update.


  1. Replies
    1. Hick is quite pleased with the current status of his proceeds!

  2. I wondered about the Budweiser tins. They look like the sort of tins specialty biscuits (cookies) would come in. Like the two ANZAC tins I have up on the same shelf as the Coca-cola tray, they were sold one year with Anzac biscuits in them to commemorate Anzac Day here. April 25th. One is black, the other a pale green, both have Anzac pictures on them. I'll have to get the camera out again to show you.

    1. When he was collection more than selling, Hick loved his tins! Any kind, though I think most of his collection is Coca Cola items.