Thursday, July 21, 2022

Every Hick Has His Day

Last Thursday we went back to the casino. The Pony took his ID this time, and was of course rewarded with NO hand pay! In fact, The Pony was a loser. I was also a loser. Of my shirt! Not a good day for Val in the casino, but if you balance it out with the last visit, when I DID come out ahead, it wasn't too bad. I don't take what I'm not prepared to lose.
Anyhoo... Hick dropped us off at the north entrance again. This time, The Pony went straight to the ID-checker-guy at the podium. I went through the turnstile and was over halfway to the slot I sit at to wait for Hick when I realized The Pony was not trotting along behind me. I turned to look and that ID-checker-guy was interrogating The Pony like there was no tomorrow!

When The Pony was released into the casino, he had a little smirk on his face. Like he was proud to have been able to present his ID this time. The Pony sat down a few minutes beside me to play a gold-miner type slot we hadn't played before. He lost, and headed for his hand-pay slot, to play Brazil. I kept playing, and broke even on the gold miner thing. Probably the most successful I was for the whole day.

I noticed that I hadn't seen Hick go by. Usually, he'll stop and say where he's going. I moved a few rows to play Whales of Cash, and got a text from Hick.

"Just won $390.00"

"WHOA! On what?"

"Quick Hits"

Hick is a man of few words. And much money!

Hick said he was betting 60 cents, and was down to his LAST 60 cents when he hit that jackpot. He was thrilled to win $390. I think that's his biggest jackpot of all time. He took this picture while it was still counting up, but you can see the total under the screen:

He was in a really good mood, and didn't even rush us to leave! Also, he did a little bit of high-rolling with The Pony and me on the Wonder 4 Spinning Fortunes. 

We all had a good time, and Hick was the biggest winner. He was still in a congenial mood when we stopped at a buffet on the way home. More on that tomorrow...


  1. I guess Even Steven decided he needed at least one decent win in this lifetime.

    1. I don't begrudge Hick a win. It's not like he's playing with MY money! Also, a win makes Hick likely to stay longer at the casino, and not rush us so we can't play a variety of slots. I DO want my Even Steven back!

  2. I bet he was in a good mood!! And why not!

    1. A rarely-seen happy Hick inside a casino. I was in a good mood FOR HIM!

      I really like it when other people win. I don't get a bit surly like Hick, or withdrawn like The Pony. I've had a big jackpot before, and I like others to experience that excitement. I only walk in with money I'm prepared to lose, so it doesn't surprise me when I do.