Monday, July 25, 2022

The Pony Is an Oily Hipster (Part 2)

The day after hurting his hip falling INTO the Metro at work, and burning himself with hot oil while cooking a steak for supper... The Pony didn't mention his hip.

"It looks like my hand might be starting to blister a bit. Several little bump clusters."

"Like a sunburn before it peels. Clear fluid might leak out. Keep it clean."

"Gonna be hard with what I'm working in today."

"Oh crap. I'll start writing your obituary."

Two hours later, the sun was taking a toll on The Pony's hand burn.

"You should probably cover that at some point, and add some ointment, now that it's not a fresh burn."

"I might call out tomorrow and go to urgent care, since all that just popped up."

"The sun and heat aren't helping it. Maybe you could go to urgent care today if you get off in time. NOT the one that treated your ankle!"

Later, The Pony fumbled his package scanner thingy, and hit the thumb, and ripped open a blister. He was allowed to leave around 30 minutes before the urgent care closed, and rushed over there in 15 minutes.
"She said it should be to the scabby stage in about a week. Wrapped it up and put in a thing for a burn cream. I'm going to get it tomorrow, since I'm delivering to that pharmacy anyway. She gave me the end of the gauze and stretchy wrap rolls."

"That will protect it from the post office dirt. Are you sure an actual nurse practitioner wrapped that? And not the janitor who was getting ready to close the office?"

After work the next day, Thursday, The Pony sent an update.

"I don't think the gauze kept it clean."

"And urgent care either never called in the burn cream or sent it somewhere else than what I told them. It wasn't there. At this pint I'm too fed up to bother dealing with it. Google says this one isn't even recommended for burns anymore because it apparently doesn't do much and might even slow healing."

"None of the black was on the moist pink hole. I guess it could be from the cream she used. It's got silver in it and causes some discoloration. It still hurts. I cleaned it the best I could without disturbing the hole. Here's my one-hand wrapping."

"Probably not gonna put on the sticky stretchy stuff until work."

"It looks better than the wrap the urgent care JANITOR gave you!"
[No, that's not a horrific burn injury to The Pony's thumbnail. He needs to either keep polish on his nails, or get it off when it starts to chip!]

Tomorrow... at work with a thumb-lame Pony.


  1. I would recommend a waterproof glove over that bandage to keep it clean. And whatever burn cream he can get at the local pharmacy or even Walmart, something with antiseptic in it. It looks like he is going to lose a large patch of skin there.

    1. The Pony said he had some gloves being delivered today, to keep the sun off that burn when it's ready to go without a bandage. He might wear a glove over the bandage. I'll have to ask. I'm pretty sure he has triple antibiotic ointment to use on the burn.

  2. I thought the chipped nail polish was some of the adhesive from the elastic bandage!!

    1. Nope! Just an unkempt fashion statement from The Pony.