Friday, July 8, 2022

Scamming the Oldsters

Darn those scammers! Trying to rip off the old folks again! It's not enough to call them about a problem with their Windows computer, requiring their bank information, and pushing certain buttons on the keyboard. They are not ashamed to try a low-tech method, either. Good old junk mail, fancied up to look official. Here's an example I got a couple weeks ago.

First cat out of the bag, they want you to see that FINAL NOTICE. That's why it's in red. Never mind that you've gotten no other notices. It's an attention-grabber.

You might realize that there's not an actual company listed on this letter. You might not, if you're not the kind to scrutinize junk mail. You see your car model on there, and gloss over the rest. A fine, you see, for Private Use of this junk mail. Oh, and if your address has changed, contact the Customer Service Department. Of this mystery company that's sending you this Final Notice.

What's inside?

A LETTER, by cracky! A letter telling you that IF your factory warranty has expired, you will be Financially Liable for all repairs! Imagine that! You will have to pay to have your own car repaired! Wow. Good thing you got a Final Notice, or you might not have realized that. 

Look! Again in RED. Call to confirm your vehicle information! Heh, heh. Because they don't have enough info to really scam you yet. So get right on that phone, and give your personal details.


Call! Call IMMEDIATELY! There's a DEADLINE! Make sure you call during business hours. And not on JULY 4, because they're closed.

Somebody is making good money writing these scammer letters...


  1. I hate these letters. If only this were the last notice, I would be thrilled. Same thing with phone scammers telling in a solemn voice that this is the last time they will contact you. If only!

    1. I finally got the 4x a day scammer on my landline to stop calling. But this week, there's been a flurry of scam calls on my cell phone. I NEVER give out that number. So I'm not sure where that's coming from.

      I actually answered two of them, since the POSSIBLE SCAM notice didn't come up. One was trying to sell me a funeral plan. I resisted the urge to say, "Who cares? I'll be dead! Someone else can pay."

      The other was selling roofs "in the area," but he had a very thick India-type accent. I told them both to get me off their list, and never call again. We'll see...

  2. That's a strange one and makes me glad once again that I do not own a vehicle of any kind.

    1. They try to make it so dramatic with the red print. Those policies might look like a bargain, but they usually exclude the thing that might go wrong with the vehicle! I don't like how they make people think they OWE something that is an OPTION for repair coverage.

  3. Replies
    1. There are certainly more noble ways to earn a buck, but they are, at least, WORKING!