Thursday, April 15, 2021

Sasquatch Rides Next To Me In T-Hoe

Monday evening, Hick was watching Pawn Stars. I never watch, so it might have been an old episode. But it was new to me. A guy brought in a gold dollar coin, which he said had an imperfection. He was hoping to get $10,000 for it. That's a little steep! Even for a staged TV show.
Anyhoo... this coin was a regular George Washington dollar. Not really gold, just gold in color. Mainly made of bronze. The Guy knew that. His determination of the value was because he got the coin from general circulation. His brother found it in a roll of dollar coins. And it had a big bubble deformity on each side. Like a ladybug got trapped under the metal.
Pawn Star Rick looked at the coin with a jeweler's eyepiece thingy. And said, "That's not real. It has been cast, not stamped. The Treasury stamps out US coins. They started making George Washington in 2007. This is counterfeit. Not even a good one. It looks like the sand stuck to the coin when it was cast. The lines are not defined in places."
Heh, heh. Not only was The Guy not getting $10,000 for his irregular coin, his George Washington dollar coin wasn't even worth a dollar! I gleefully pointed this out to Hick. 
And said,

"I have one of those out in my change cup in T-Hoe."

"No. You don't have one of them."

"Yeah. Maybe not George Washington. I haven't looked. But I have a gold dollar. I'm always mistaking it for a quarter when I reach in."

"You don't have one like THAT. You might have that lady. Or that other one. What do you call it? Sasquatch."

"Um. Susan B Anthony. She's not a GOLD dollar. And I'm pretty sure [it was hard for me to get the words out, I was shaking with such mirth] you mean SACAGAWEA, not Sasquatch!"
Now I wonder which one I have, but it's not worth walking out to T-Hoe as I'm writing this on Monday night. I'm hoping my dollar coin is worth a dollar. 


  1. You two are a real comedy team. LOL

    1. Hick is Gracie, I'm George. Not that I'm old enough to have watched them in their heyday.

    2. Goodnight!

      Supposedly, Gracie never said "Goodnight, Gracie" on the TV show. According to this guy's 1 minute clip, anyway.

      In looking that up, I found this 3 minute routine that still holds up today.

  2. It's a coin? I always wondered why there is a show trying to trap a swatch watch. Now I am confused. Which is the coin, which is the creature and what time is it? 11:11?

    1. I need a dirty-water cocktail to answer that question. Maybe two. I STILL haven't looked at my car-coin. I just mentioned it to Hick at supper time.

      Not sure of the time, but it wasn't 11:11. I'm barely out of bed by then. But at least I set T-Hoe's clock ahead for Daylight Savings Time. The symbol of a clock, on its own special button, helped.

  3. I have some old pre-decimal Australian coins that my mother collected for me without me knowing, she said they might be worth money some day. They aren't. I took them to a dealer one day, many years ago, just to check and he said they were worthless because she had cleaned them all with Brasso or whatever it was she used and now they were all badly tarnished from being set into plastic sleeves. Ho Hum. But I do also have some of the pre-decimal paper money and some of the paper notes from when we changed to dollars and cents, but before the notes were changed for the plasticised version. THEY might be worth something some day to a great-great-great grandchild maybe. Trouble is, I can't remember where I stashed the album that holds them all.

    1. I hate it when that happens! Not when I clean my coins and put them into plastic sleeves. They are fine with their road coatings, chillin' in my ice cream dish goblets. No, what I hate is when I carefully put something away, and then can't remember where!