Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hick Is Egging Me On

Monday was clean-out day for FRIG II. Not that I am so organized as to have a schedule. It's been a week since the Easter feast, and we still had some delicacies left. 
I tossed out a Chinese Tupperware container-and-a-half of roasted vegetables. The soup container containers. We had three of them, and I ate heartily of what I wanted of that dish all week, so no big deal. We usually have some of it left, even on non-holidays. There was a smidgen of potato salad. Not even enough for a decent serving, had I been feeling particularly Teflon-stomached to consume 10-day-old potato salad. But the most heartbreaking item I purged from FRIG II was the DEVILED EGGS!

I worked so hard on those eggs. Eggs don't devil themselves, you know. They take boiling, and peeling, and precise slicing, and just the right amount of three wet and two dry ingredients for the filling, and careful rationing and dexterous forking to stuff them, and the division of green olives into three segments to place two slices on each egg... about an hour and 45 minutes total when the eggs peel easily.

Hick and The Pony LOVE deviled eggs. I could do without them. In fact, I only ate a broken white used to scrape the filling from the bowl at the end. So they could have more. They each eat 2-3 halves per meal. And grab a couple for a snack, or for The Pony's breakfast. I made 22 deviled eggs. My real Tupperware deviled egg container holds 16 halves. The other six were in a sandwich container for Hick and The Pony to enjoy on Saturday, the day I made them. A preview, if you will.

Monday, I took the deviled egg container out to the back porch, and tossed 9 DEVILED EGGS over the side. That is a travesty. Hick professed (upon interrogation over the rail as he was sitting in the Gator when I later left for town), that he had eaten 3 eggs, twice. That must mean the 3 samples last Saturday, and the 3 with his Easter feast. That leaves The Pony with 3 samples, 2 during the feast, and 2 later, because I saw them sitting out on the cutting block in a bowl, because he likes them room temp.

Hick is too lazy to pick up the deviled egg container from the bottom shelf, and take off the lid and put them on a plate. That's the only conclusion, since Hick claims how much he LOVES deviled eggs. I know he was fixing himself a ham sandwich, and potato salad. And on another day or two he had the roasted vegetables as a side dish. He ate the 7-layer-salad in normal leftover amounts.

We will have a family meeting before I make another batch of deviled eggs. I may require a signed contract committing to the consumption of a specified number of deviled eggs...


  1. Easy peel hardboiled eggs I learned from the internet:

    Place eggs in water and then bring to a boil. As soon as roiling boil, turn off heat and cover for 8 minutes. Then bang the bottom of the egg so the shell is cracked and drop in ice water for two and a half minutes. The hot egg with slightly cracked shell draws in the cold water and makes the shell extra easy to peel. Egg practically falls out of the shell...every once in a while I do have a problem, I assume that is because the eggs must be fresh...I learned that from a Valedictorian.

    1. I DO turn the heat down once they reach a boil. I did NOT know about cracking them before cooling! I put mine in cold water and let them sit until I'm good and ready to start the peeling and deviling process.

      This time they peeled easily. I almost got one shell off in one piece, like a continuous apple peel. Maybe Save A Lot just sold me really old eggs this time...

  2. I suggest not making them at all, see how they like them apples!

    1. Heh, heh! That would be a bitter pill for them to swallow!

  3. I read an article once where a professional chef gave a tip for easy to peel eggs..

    Bring your water to a full boil. Take COLD eggs from the fridge and drop one by one with tongs into the water. Don’t worry, they do not crack or explode. (Except an occasional one that may already have a small crack. Boil your usual length of time and run cold water over them. You can crack them while warm or put them in the fridge for later.

    I don’t know what you put in your deviled eggs. I live in the south and we do various things. I put Mayo, finely chopped onions, little salt and pepper. If they don’t get eaten soon, I pull out the potato masher and mash them up, add some sweet pickle relish (and maybe some finely chopped celery)....It becomes.egg salad for sandwiches. Or add it to potatoes for potato salad. Or add it to canned tuna for tuna salad.....

    I live in the south. You may do things differently. The onion and celery is important.

    1. I haven't seen that cold-to-boiling tip. I DID see a tip that you should turn over the egg carton the night before making your deviled eggs, so the yolks are in the middle of the egg, and not off-center.

      Your deviled eggs are very different from mine. I never thought of making egg salad out of them, since by the time I know there are that many left over, it's time to throw them out.

      Here's what I put in my deviled eggs. Just between you and me. It's a SECRET, you know!

      yellow mustard
      ground black pepper
      AND THE MOST SECRET INGREDIENT: dill pickle juice

      The pickle juice gets sprinkled into the smashed yolks first. Then the black pepper, the mustard, and just enough mayo to make it stir up. My "deviling" is firm, not wet. And the eggs have to be topped with sliced green olives!

      The celery must be a southern thing. Of course, I don't like celery much, so maybe I block out the thought of it!