Saturday, April 3, 2021

Val's Kingdom Experiences a RenaiCCENTS

There's been a penny deluge in Backroads! Here a penny, there a penny, everywhere I turn a penny! Not that I'm complaining.

SATURDAY, March 27, I could hardly take a step without tromping on a penny. It all started in Orb K. This penny was not a good omen.

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY! My toe could not scoot that penny out from the wall at the counter. It was trying to crawl under the counter! So I left with a partially broken heart, and no penny.

Don't despair! At my very next stop, the Gas Station Chicken Store, a consolation gift from Even Steven awaited me.

Heh, heh! That must have been foreshadowing. That penny is located where I was standing later in the week when my rightful turn in line was usurped by Flannel Shirt Kenny Rogers! Disregard that thing closer to the counter. It's a dried leaf.

It was a face-down 1984 penny. With poor hygiene. Not that I'm complaining.

But WAIT! From there I headed over to the Backroads Caseys, and hadn't even reached the door when another penny clamored for my touch!

I had no qualms about putting my lovely lady-mullet next to the trash can, and letting my ample rumpus wave in the breeze.

This was a heads-up 1980 penny, headed for my pants pocket.

SUNDAY, March 28, found me back at the Gas Station Chicken Store, finding more pennies!

Look at that beautiful sight! Pennies as far as the eye can see. At least Val's near-sighted eyes.

Nearest me was a face-down 1999, shining prettily.

Closer to the door were less-pretty face-down 2011 and 1966. Time for the broom!

MONDAY, March 29, was Liquor Store day for scratchers. I had to park next to an old green truck that was in my usual space. Which altered my path to the door. I suppose that was meant to be.

As I came out, truck gone, walking my usual path, I saw the glint of a me-penny that was unmistakable. 

It was a heads-up 1980 penny, a bit speckled from being run over.

Even Steven must have taken Tuesday off, but on WEDNESDAY, March 31, my bounty lay awaiting at the Gas Station Chicken Store.

What a long walk for Val! That's because of the van you can see a front tire of, pulled nose-in to the parallel-parking handicap space beside the Gas Station Chicken Store! I was a bit put-out by this clown, who did not have a handicap plate nor placard (not judging, I don't either, and maybe he had gimpy knees like me), but occupied this space for over 30 minutes! Yes. 30 minutes! I went by, and saw my space taken, so I did my Country Mart shopping first. But he was STILL THERE when I came back. Now we know why. I would have missed this penny if I'd parked over there.

All's well that ends with a penny! That's what Val says, anyway. This was a face-down 1998.

Do you need oxygen yet? A glucose IV? We're not done! On THURSDAY, April 1, I was over at the Sis-Town Casey's to get gas for T-Hoe. When I came out after paying (and nabbing a couple of scratchers for myself), I saw a waiting penny against the building.

Please disregard the penny impersonators. This penny is by the rust spot against the building. But wouldn't it be cool if the sewer grate at the corner was a GIANT PENNY???

It was a heads-up 1992. A police car pulled in while I was stashing my scratchers in my jacket to get the picture. He didn't get out of the car. Just sat there. I hope there wasn't an APB out for my ample rumpus!

Whew! Time to crack open a cold one. Or however you celebrate the end of a hard week's work. That makes nine pennies I found this week. Eight of which I captured for my ice cream dish penny goblet. So excluding the one that got away...

8 PENNIES, for 8 CENTS towards Val's Future Pennyillionaire Fortune.


Penny       # 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.
Dime         still at 1.
Nickel       still at 1.
Quarter    still at 2.

Penny     134
Dime        25
Nickel      10
Quarter      1


  1. Nine pennies! Manna from Heaven indeed. Meanwhile I found a very dirty ten cent piece in my garden this morning, so long buried I could barely make out the '10'. I shifted a pot and there it was.

    1. I really wanted the penny that got away! But I stop short of getting a grabber thingy to carry round with me to drag a reluctant penny out of hiding.

      You were meant to find that coin. You shifted a pot, and there it was, as if it was waiting for you!

  2. Not to alarm you, but the first penny you WERE able to rescue looks like it might have body fluids on it. I'm sure you sanitized your delicate fingers. Just thing one more cent and you will be a dimeonairrre. Happy Easter.

    1. Body fluids? I'm not seeing it. Of course I wash my hands first thing, after a trip to town, whether fraught with penny-finding or not. I don't sanitize after each transaction, or my fingerprints would have been obliterated by now.

      I can't seem to find any bigger coins lately, but I'll take whatever Even Steven shows me. Happy Easter to you, too!