Monday, April 26, 2021

An Endearing Profession of Love From My Sweet Baboo

Sometimes, in the middle of the day, I get a loving email from my loving husband, just to say how much he loves me. HEY! Stop that! I will NOT pay for surgery to repair the hernia you just gave yourself while laughing too hard! Nor will I foot the bill for your concussion due to loss of consciousness from lack of oxygen during your gales of laughter. Hick DOES send me emails!

Like last Wednesday. He doesn't put anything in the subject area. You know. To surprise me with his tender poetry expressing his feelings for me. Oh, I'm surprised all right!
"Look what the mouse did to my plastic drawer."
Hick is not a poet, and we all know it. His email wasn't even about me! It was about himself! About his possessions. Of which there are less now, from the looks of the corners of his drawer.

That's over in the BARn. Hick has a problem with mice eating his stuff. Not all the time. Randomly. It wasn't any better when we had five cats. A mouse will get in and have a heyday. Of course, maybe Hick shouldn't leave such tasty items as plastic drawers laying around to tempt the rodents.

"What's that in the drawer?"

"Fish hooks."

"WHAT? That's not fish hooks!"

"Yes, Val. [heavy sigh] It's treble hooks."

"That's not any kind of hook I've ever seen. I bet they don't work very well for catching fish!"

"Oh. Them's handles."

"I thought they looked like some kind of tool. Drawer handles?"

"No. They're fishing rod handles."

"If you say so..."

I don't see it, but my fishing poles have always been bought off the shelf at Walmart for under $20. So maybe I don't know the fancy handleage of the newer or more classy models.

Maybe they even make a pole now that can write poetry, to reel in a wife...


  1. Those aren't for hauling in anything that would swim in your sometimes over the road creek.

    1. As The Pony might say: "Technically, they COULD haul in something from our creek. Like if a person drove over the flooded bridge, and got washed into the creek, and was trying to swim to the bank, and a rescuer cast out a line to pull him in."

      I guess Hick has a big market for deep-sea fishing equipment. Or maybe it's for landing a giant Mississippi River catfish.

  2. Yes, they look like the handles that attach to the reels for reeling in the fish or the empty hook when the bait got away.
    Mice eat hard plastic??? I have a garage full of plastic crates with lids where I store stuff I don't use all the time but can't get rid of yet. And seasonal things, like winter blankets in the summer and the Christmas tree and ornaments.

    1. The handles on my fishing poles are padded, with finger grips, and about the size of an umbrella handle. So these look foreign to me.

      I don't know why a mouse didn't eat any of the other multitude of drawers just like this one. Or the red plastic bins. Maybe Hick had a chipped drawer and forgot. The edges look too smooth, and the bites too big, to have been a mouse. I think your crates are safe...