Friday, April 2, 2021

Another Victim of Bank (Time)Robbers

Sheesh! Being a victim is pretty much a full-time job! It doesn't pay very well. For Val, anyway. 

Thursday I stopped by my bank to cash a $25 refund check from my doctor, and withdraw some money for stuff Hick wanted that was not in the weekly cash budget.

I had my documents ready. I'd signed the back of the check. I had a withdrawal slip with my signature and account number. I'd written and circled the bills I wanted in my $50 withdrawal: 2 twenties, 1 five, 4 ones, and two rolls of pennies. A simple transaction.

All three drive-thru lanes were empty. They each had the green light. I usually take the outermost lane, by the alley, so my radio keeps working under the roof. It makes for a sharp right turn into the alley as I leave. So this time I picked the middle drive-thru lane.

I put T-Hoe in park. Put my documents in the canister, and pushed the button to send it through the tube and into the building. It had already started tubing when a truck pulled in on my left, at the lane between me and the building. Another minute later, a red A-Cad-looking car pulled in on my right, next to the alley. There was a 30-something gal with short dark hair who sent in her documents through the tube.


How is that possible? She was the last vehicle to arrive and send in her stuff! What is this last come first served business? I turned off T-Hoe. No need to waste gas spinning my wheels. Red Car Dark Hair was gone before I even got a greeting!

I waited so long that T-Hoe's radio shut off. It plays for 15 minutes after the ignition is turned off, as long as I don't open the driver's door. What could possibly take so long? I sent in a check and a withdrawal slip. I'm pretty sure all that requires is pulling up the account, deducting the withdrawal, and counting out money. It's a FREAKIN' BANK! Surely they have $75 in cash on hand!

I don't know what business Red Car Dark Hair completed. I wasn't nosy enough to pay attention. I was sure I'd be long gone before she had the attention of a teller.

Nice Vals finish second. Which is also next-to-last.


  1. This has nothing to do with your transaction, but yours sparked a memory. A few months ago, after the lockdown had started, I was in the drive thru line at the bank waiting. A car pulled up to the drive thru on my right. A young man got out of his car, pulled out the canister and strolled back to his trunk and proceeded to use it like a desk. He filled out his deposit slip and signed his check and returned the carrier to the slot and waited for them to complete his transaction. I thought it was hilarious, but would not have thought so if he had been in front of me.

    1. I guess he didn't have a purse to lay it on as his makeshift desk! That's what I do. Sitting inside T-Hoe, of course. I'd have to open the hatch if I walked around, since he doesn't have a trunk.

  2. Bank prez friend or family? Maybe they had to get your number. Ah nevermind, everyone has Val's number.

    1. I didn't hear them greet her like an old buddy. Of course they had my number! I wrote it in the proper place on their new withdrawal/deposit combo slip.

      As far as I know, my bank doesn't have a check-in app like Terrible Cuts, that lets you jump to the front of the line.

  3. That does seem like an overly long time, especially since you were there first. Send the head office an anonymous angry email, but from a library computer so they can't track it.

    1. It would be different if they were cashing in somebody's Series EE savings bonds through the drive-thru...

      I have a suspicion that nobody cares about angry customer emails, what with employees safely ensconced in their brick building behind bulletproof glass, able to turn off the speaker of any irate customers who drive up.

      They might have a list of angry email customers posted on the wall, so they can go even slower for them!