Friday, April 16, 2021

This Honesty Business Really PAYS OFF!

It has been one week since I found $10 left in the lottery ticket machine at Country Mart. And left it there. In that one week, I have had a tremendous run of luck! In fact, yesterday I had this:

That's a $100 WINNER! There in the middle, I found the 20X symbol, with a $5 prize. Yes, when I saw the 20X, I invited The Pony down to watch the reveal. You never know when it might be spectacular. Though $100 is nothing to sneeze at!

I don't put my wins here to brag. I put them here because I GAMBLE SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! I'm selfless like that. So what I'm really doing is telling you that we've been riding a winning wave. Sure, it's bound to crash into the rocky cliffs before much longer. But right now, we're riding a gravy wave!

The found money that I left behind was on last Wednesday. The day after that, I had TWO $50 winners. Monday, I had that magnificent $500 win. And Tuesday, I scratched off another $50 winner. It was on the way home from the casino. We won't talk about that today... but it was a profitable trip.

I don't take pictures of $50 winners. That would be crazy. Who DOES that? Not this old Val.

Anyhoo... my point is that I feel like my luck might not have been so good if I'd used the $10 that didn't belong to me in the ticket machine. I believe that everything you do leads to you being in a certain place at a certain time when you're meant to be there. Win or lose. So taking the time to tell the cashier about the found money altered the pattern of my life over the past week.

Let's recap. So you can remember what you won this week, vicariously through me: 
$50, $50, $500, $50, $100. Pretty good for a week. It thumps the stuffing out of my Future Pennyillionaire Fortune. More on THAT tomorrow, and more on the casino after the Saturday CENTSus.


  1. I have my eye on a new guitar, I think I'll use some of that vicarious cash to fake buy a new Epiphone semi-hollow body.

    1. I'll toss you an extra fake $10 for making my imagination run wild thinking about a semi-hollow body!

  2. In spite of all that winning, I still say I would have used that $10 and seen THAT as my lucky streak for the week. Since financial luck doesn't usually follow me around.

    1. The $10 might have been meant for you to find, and led to more winnings. I didn't feel that vibe when I discovered it.