Sunday, April 11, 2021

Fighting Theft By Offering More Merchandise

Everything works out for Hick. He may have lost three knives from a set due to a thief, but he will still make money by selling the remaining two knives separately. 
Hick decided to keep his knives in a case from now on. What a coincidence that he went to the local church store, seeking new merchandise, and discovered A GLASS CASE sitting up front. It had just been donated. In fact, there was a lady standing there, thinking about buying it.
Here's the story from Hick:
'It was a nice case! With four shelves. The front is slanted. It's actually a jewelry case, about four feet long. The bottom shelf is wood, up about a foot from the floor. Then there are three glass shelves. So there's four display surfaces. I really wanted it, but the lady who runs the store pointed to another lady standing there, and said, 'She has offered to buy it.'
I was ready to pay up to $90 for that case, but I didn't know what the other lady had offered. I said, 'If she wants it, then sell it to her first.' That lady said, 'I'll have to call my husband to see if he wants it.'  So we stood there a minute. She said, 'My husband isn't answering. So I can't get it right now.'

The Church Store Lady said, 'You'll have to take it away right now.' I said, 'Not a problem. How much do you want for it?' The Church Store Lady said, 'Well, she offered me $20.' And I said, 'Okay. I'll take it for $20 if she doesn't want it.' The other lady said, 'I can't take it, because I can't get my husband on the phone.' So I bought myself a glass display case for $20.'"

Heh, heh. I don't know how Hick does it! He's always in the right place at the right time to get a good deal. Except when people steal his stuff...
Hick has been trying to get the storage unit next to the double unit he currently has for his Storage Unit Store. That would mean he pays for two units per month, and doubles his overhead costs, but he thinks it will be worthwhile, to spread out his stuff where he can keep a closer eye on it. I don't know how he can be in two places at once. I guess he can set a chair at the wall between them.
I'm afraid it will mean MORE junk for thieves to steal, but Hick says it will be easier without the clutter. We'll see. Even The Pony voiced his concerns. 
"How can you watch TWO units when they're stealing from ONE already? And you only have your cameras in one."
"There are six cameras with that set. I only have four of them set up."
Hick says the old man who currently rents that unit does not sell at the weekendly flea market. That maybe he and his wife will open up and sell about once every two or three months. Hick asked the owner of the units about it. Of course Hick is buddies with the owner.
Anyhoo... the owner said he's had a talk with that old man, and said that if he wasn't going to sell on a regular basis, he would have to take a unit at the back end of the storage facility, because the front part is for the flea market sellers. The old man wasn't happy, but said he guessed he'd have to move, then. Since he didn't plan on selling every weekend.
"Do the units up front cost more?"
"No. They're all the same price, depending on size. The double units are more, with the front and back doors." 
"Heh, heh. Business is business. I bet the owner could charge extra for the units up front! Maybe you want to suggest that to him! I'm sure you'd be happy to pay him an extra $10 a month for that privilege. Why don't you suggest it to him?"

"Yeah. I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna do that."

Nothing is definite yet. But that's the plan. Am I the only one who doubts that Hick will just spread out his merchandise into two units, without adding more?


  1. That lady should have bought the case and taken Hicks phone # if her Husband veto'd the purchase. She could have made a profit.

    1. She could EASILY have gotten $40 from Hick, and maybe more if she was shrewd. He REALLY NEEDED that glass display case.

      She could have pretended her husband was coming to get it. Hick can't hear if she calls Time and Temperature and talks to it like a spouse!

  2. Somehow I think Hick will manage two units just as easily, IF everything in the second unit is the more valuable stuff and locked into display cases that can't be opened until Hick walks across there. Or if he hires someone to stand guard and call him across when he is needed. Or if he suddenly grows eyes in the back of his head.

    1. I think Hick will pace back and forth between them. Problem is, these thieves aren't thick. They send one to distract Hick, asking about an item they don't buy, while the other does the crime.