Sunday, July 28, 2019

Val Was Almost a Tractor Trailer

This is gonna cost Hick another guilt trip. We were barely back in A-Cad after Hick tipped the casino valet than Hick announced: "I called the guy about fixing my tractor belt. You'll have to follow me." You might notice that this was not a request. It was a command.

Oh, I'll DO it. But that doesn't mean I'll be cheerful about it. It was as if Hick read my mind. We can't have THAT!

"I don't know why you're so grouchy about it. All you have to do is drive behind me."

"I know that. With my flashers on. When? I need to know a day ahead. Don't just spring it on me."

"Any day. I called him about this week. So he's expecting it."

"This is already Tuesday. Friday is out, because of your store and your doctor's appointment. So that means tomorrow or Thursday. Do you want to do it tomorrow, and get it over with?"

"That's okay."

"What time? Don't think I'm getting up early for this. You'll go when I'm good and ready. That won't be before 11:00. That's the earliest. So I just have to drive behind you while you make all the drivers mad, and then bring you back home?"

"I won't make the drivers mad. I can get that tractor up to 30 miles an hour!"

"People drive 55 or more on that road. They'll be mad."

"It's only five miles."

"Okay. So they'll only be mad for five miles."

"Why are you acting like it's so hard?"

"I don't like anything that disrupts my routine. I like a routine. I'll follow you while you make drivers mad, and bring you home. Then I'm free to go on to town for my soda?"

"Yeah. That's all you have to do."

I'm pretty sure I'll have to take him there after repairs are done, and follow him back. While he makes drivers mad. He didn't mention that part.

I jubilantly report that upon rising from my slumber Wednesday morning, I found a text from Hick (an actual text, not a paper-plate note) that he'd decided not to take his tractor for repairs.

"Val I'm not going to take the tractor out there it might cost $300 to do that so I can put the belt on myself."

I interpreted this to mean Hick will use his own mad mechanical skillz to put a belt on his tractor.  I speak pretty good Hick. He called later, and said that a belt for his lawnmower had cost almost $70, so he figured this one would be more, and then the labor charges. In Hick's own words, "I need to learn how to work on this tractor anyway."

Never mind that he has a spare tractor.


  1. I don't like my routines changed either! I was going to ask why you have to follow? Why not have him call when he was ready and then you pick him up...what is 5 miles to someone who likes to gab it up a bit anyway...but now, it the words of Rosanna Rosannannadanna never mind.

    1. It's a safety thing. Tractors aren't meant for the road, and about 90% of them traveling on roads around here have an auto escort behind them, with flashing lights, to warn other vehicles not to run up on them. No turn signals or rearview mirror on a regular farm tractor.

  2. I just now got your title. Good one!

    1. Better late that never! Though it might be a disappointment to those who assume I was almost flattened by a semi.

  3. Here's a dream scenario for you.
    Hick: I've been thinking I need to get a new belt on the tractor, which means driving it to the mechanic. Could you drive behind me to bring me home please? And again when we pick it up?"
    Val: "yes of course, but it has to be tomorrow or Thursday.:
    Hick: " I need to learn how to work on that tractor myself, so I'll try to do the belt myself. I have that spare tractor anyway."
    You should probably wake up now.

    1. Heh, heh! I'm still pinching myself. Hick's plans for me rarely work out in my favor.

  4. Hey that is great that he can do his own repairs. i want to marry Hick.

    1. That is one of the greatest things about Hick, plus his people skills. Be careful what you "want to," though...